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4 Tiers LTD Plans

Tier 1

Appsumo Plus

Basic Plan:

Code 1

$389 $233.4

Get 40% discount 

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Tier 2

Appsumo plus 

Advance Plan:

Code 2

$778 $466.8

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Tier 3

Appsumo plus

Pro Plan:

Code 3

$1167 $700.2

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Tier 4

Appsumo plus

Enterprise Plan:

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$1556 $933.6

Get 40% discount 

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Things to take care of if you already have a lifetime deal

  • You can upgrade up to four codes per the last AppSumo deal structure.
  • You can upgrade your LTD to an Unlimited Agency Plan if you are already an AppSumo LTD user with all 4 codes stacked👇
  • Don’t hesitate to contact Support if you have any doubts; we will help you. 

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New Year Lifetime Deal Offer

CrawlQ's New Year Lifetime Deal Offer
Please select max upto 4 codes


*Lifetime deals are non-refundable deals*

Watch Below How Our AI Athena Helps to Build Your Brand Authority In Any Niche & Skyrocket Your Sales

Collaborate and Scale With Your Team & Clients:

Give your Agency Business 100% and Connect With Your Customers With Confidence.

“I’ve got a theory that if you give 100% all the time, somehow things will work out in the end.”
“Your AI-assistant Athena”

Here is a one-time opportunity to upgrade to CrawlQ Agency Plan.

Designed after working on a pilot project with a worldwide Agency.
With the Agency Plan, you can get Unlimited Credits and Unlimited Workspaces. You can invite your clients and also scale your internal teams.


Adding a client to your account has the following benefits.

  • It helps you understand your client’s problems and pain points deeper.
  • It enables you to understand client business requirements.
  • It allows you to understand what other services you can bundle into your offer.

Never add clients as your internal team members.


What if you add your clients as a User?
If you add them as a user.

  • You will give them your account access, and they won’t have incentives to learn or engage with you.
  • They will learn stuff themselves and won’t need your help anymore.
  • You will not get detailed insights on their business and how you can offer them better services at a high-ticket price.
  • You will be violating our terms of Agency UseCase.
  • You will not be able to claim affiliate commission on this referral if they join any CrawlQ plan.


In the Agency Plan, the design of the client account is to grow and scale your agency business. With an in-built system to onboard clients and get more leads & clarity while you work with them as an agency.



PS: You can access your team members and your client’s account as an Admin.

Unlimited Agency Plan
Limited seats each month.

What do you think you could do?

  • You can add many team members within the agency attached to your unlimited plan.
  • You can add many clients as Agency clients to your agency account without a limit. Note we will allot 10k AI Credits, 5 workspaces, and 1 user seat to each client.
  • You can upsell them the CrawlQ plans, and you will be eligible for a special 30% recurring commission.

What can't you do?

  • You can’t add clients as team members. A defined client is someone who is not part of your team or not creating content for your business.
  • You can’t sub-let accounts or open a parallel subscription.
  • Without prior approval, you do not access APIs, automate processes, or make integrations.

Make sure to register with the CrawlQ Affiliate Programme 

What will you get if you upsell them your service and CrawlQ plan?

You upsell to them and get an affiliate commission of 30% on their recurring payments.
They will get special discounts on the Reddit and Quora Add-Ons
You can serve them while transferring knowledge to them or their teams.

Bonus: Quick 24*7 support line on a dedicated Slack Channel for all Agency Plan Users

Grab your LAST CHANCE to access CrawlQ LTD Agency Plan

Market Research

With CrawlQ’s AI-powered Audience Intelligence tool, you can:

  • Identify your market to build & optimize your marketing message.
  • Craft your perfect customer avatar to speak in their voice
  • Develop a foundation for 10x conversions


Train Athena

Build on your research to learn search intent and business knowledge

  • Train Athena with search queries to optimize for SEO
  • Train Athena with URLs to get your content accurate
  • Train Athena with sales scripts to boost conversions


Content Creation

You can now build 100% Unique Niche-Specific.

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Whitepapers, or
  • Consulting documents

And finally, you can enjoy

  • Automated templates for pillar posts, listicles, how-to, and many more
  • Write Me, Ask Me, and several other AI writing assistant tools.
  • Convert competitor content into powerful FAQs
CrawlQ Unlimited Agency Plan Lifetime Offer

CrawlQ Unlimited Agency Plan


*Lifetime deals are non-refundable deals*

Pay in 3 installments

CrawlQ Unlimited Agency Plan LTD (3 installments )

You will be charged three times during one year.

$799.33 every 4 months X 3