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Hello there, my name is Jona, and I am a full-time blogger who has been earning passive income from the Amazon affiliate program(amazon associate) for over 3 years now.

I have seen many bloggers asking questions about how to get started with the Amazon affiliate program, but they don’t know where to start. So I decided to write this guide to help newbie bloggers who want to earn passive income using amazon affiliate marketing but don’t know where to start.

In this article, I will be sharing the 5 easy steps you need to follow for you to get started.

Steps to get started with Amazon Associates

Step 1. Create an account on Amazon Associates

You can sign up for an affiliate account in less than 60 seconds. If you are unsure about the country you would like to register in, please use the US service provider. You can also tweak your profile settings in your dashboard later on.

Step 2. Create a Website with rich content on products you want to promote

Create a website with content rich in keywords related to your product area. It’s great when you can tie keywords into your domain name when you are using direct linking URLs. You paste these URLs into your article or website page without link shortening services. The more relevant content you have on your site, the higher your conversion rates.

Suppose you are interested in earning passive income on your blog. In that case, this article will show you how to sign up for an Amazon Associates account, which is the first step in affiliate marketing with amazon.

Amazon Affiliates operate by paying commissions on sales that are referred to It’s an easy way to generate revenue through links and product reviews on any website!

Step 3. Add Links To Your Website

Add links on your website of what you want people to buy by typing in any amazon URL into your account’s ‘Your Site’s Associate ID’ box, then confirming that you are using the default settings.

The key to success with affiliate marketing is making a list of all the products you want to sell from Amazon and writing your article. The more informative, creative content on your website, the better your visitors will be able to make their purchase before they leave your site. Remember to add links on your website of what you want people to buy by typing in any amazon URL into your account’s ‘Your Site’s Associate ID’ box, confirming that you are using the default settings.

Step 4. Integrate Amazon Store With Your Site

Amazon store is the best way to get higher commissions. To make your site more engaging and customers attracted, you can place a banner on your website. It will take a minimum space of 100px x 528px to advertise the Amazon product fully. You can also do this with a shortcode used in RSS feed content or HTML pages.

Step 5. Get started earning!

Now that you’ve set up your website and configured the Amazon Associates account with it, all you need to do now is log in and start referring visitors and making money. The more traffic you send their way each day, the more they will want to compensate you for your hard work and dedication. You can place affiliate links on your blog posts or social media platforms with high daily web traffic. Some bloggers opt to place them only on their website’s homepage, but others may also prefer to put them at the bottom of each post.

How can you turn your passion project into a source of income?

There are many ways to turn your passion project into a source of income. The easiest way is by becoming an Amazon Affiliate and making money from the commissions you earn when someone buys a product or service you recommend.

If you want to make money with the Amazon Affiliate program, you need approval to be part of it.

What is the average amount of money you can earn from each sale?

Amazon Affiliate Program pays commission on selling qualifying products, which are products sold by or one of its affiliates

What are some tips on how to make money from Amazon Affiliate programs?

Some tips to make money from Amazon Affiliate programs are 1. Create a website or blog built around a topic that you love and is related to the product you are promoting. 2. Use product images in your content and social media, which can help with conversions 3. Make sure your blog has quality content by ensuring it is well-written, engaging, relevant, and updated.


The article has provided you with 5 easy steps to get started with Passive Income using Amazon Associate. As an extra tip, click the links in the article or type your desired products in the search bar on Once they make their purchase through the link displayed they will receive a small portion of the store’s profits that the blogger is lucky enough to have purchased from them. Happy Blogging!