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Niche Research step 2
Use Cases

3D Printing Online Business

Define Your Niche Niche Craft and art student who is looking to make a new career to get started with 3D Printing Sub-Niche Craft and

Augmented Reality in medicine

Define Your Niche Niche: ​​A Highly experienced surgeon looking for extended reality devices for touch-less surgery Sub-Niche: Neurosurgeons looking for augmented reality in the operating room,

Use Cases


E-commerce Strategic Planning for Scaling from Retail to Online Business Define Your Niche Niche: ​​A retail shop owner in the planning and strategy phase of

Speciality Food Tech

Speciality Food Tech Define Your Niche Niche: ​​A dietary-conscious consumer who loves edible insects and enjoys the benefits they bring to daily life! Sub-Niche: Consumers who