CrawlQ AI Can Make Research and Writing Easier with a 30-day Editorial Calendar


Your business needs reliable and efficient content creation processes to stay competitive in today’s digital world. CrawlQ AI is here to make research and writing more accessible.

Researching ideas and turning them into legible copy is a challenging task. It would be best if you had the time and skill to craft your ideas into something impactful properly, but you often don’t have either.

Time is precious and every minute spent researching or writing is a minute you could use to build your business. Even if you have the time, you may need more experience or skills to express your ideas effectively.

 CrawlQ AI’s automated research and writing feature with a 30-day editorial calendar offers a streamlined way to research and write content in just a few clicks. Get high-quality content quickly, efficiently, and with less effort!

Here are the 5 blog templates produced by the automated research and writing capability of CrawlQ AI.

Iconic Paris Attractions


Template 1: Emotional Dashboard

A well-designed dynamic dashboard can help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level and build stronger relationships. By understanding your customers’ emotions, you can create more engaging content and be responsive to their needs.

When developing a dynamic dashboard, it is vital to consider the different moods and feelings of your audience.

Suggested Topic: Visit the Arc de Triomphe

Template 1



Template 2: Messaging Hierarchy: Customer Decision Journey

The customer decision journey is a model that helps businesses understand their customers and how they make decisions. This template can help create a messaging hierarchy for your company that reflects how your target audience makes decisions. You’ll first need to create an archetype of your target audience and then use that information to create messaging that resonates with them. By understanding how your target audience thinks and behaves, you can craft messages more likely to convert.

Suggested Topic: Things to Do in Paris

Template 2 


Template 3: Storyboard: Grief, Loss, Hope & Healing

Grief, loss, and hope are common emotions that many people experience in life. When these feelings are overwhelming, it cannot be easy to find the strength to move on. However, through healing, individuals can learn to cope and find new hope for the future.

To create a deeper connection with your target audience, you need to understand their individual experiences. To do this, you need to create an audience persona – a representation of your target audience that you can use to better communicate with them. You can create relevant and engaging content by understanding how your target audience feels and what motivates them.

Suggested Topic: Get to know the Eiffel Tower

Template 3 


Template 4: Change Management Project Template

Change Management Project Template will help you plan and implement a successful change management project. The template is divided into five sections: Executive Summary, Scope of Work, Planning Process, Execution Process, and Closing Procedure. Each unit includes helpful tips and explanations to help you create a successful project.

Suggested Topic: The Eiffel Tower

Template 4


Template 5: Viral Content Ideas: Unlocking Emotion and Action

If you want to create compelling, engaging content that will resonate with your audience and drive action, check out viral content ideas! Unlocking the Emotion and Action template will help you understand your audience better, identify their emotional needs, and inspire them to take action. By understanding your target audience’s motivations and feelings, you can create content that truly speaks to them. 


Suggested Topic: The Louvre

Template 5


Research and writing can be a huge task, especially when you must do it on a deadline. That’s why we’re excited to bring you this blog post, CrawlQ AI Can Do Research and Write Easier with a 30-day Editorial Calendar.   

CrawlQ AI can help you save time and effort when researching, writing, and publishing your work. With its powerful search capabilities, CrawlQ AI can help you quickly and easily find the information you need to make informed decisions about your work. Whether you are a novice writer or an experienced scholar, CrawlQ AI can help you achieve success in your work.