Create an Excellent Blog Post on LinkedIn with best practices


This strategy will work even If you hate writing and never want to know anything about copywriting formulas and tricks.

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for networking and building relationships. However, writing great types of content formats can be challenging.

CrawlQ AI creative writing assistant can help you produce high-quality LinkedIn posts, social networks post types, and long-form content of 500-600 words quickly and easily. CrawlQ AI-based content generator takes all the work out of creating original content types for the target audience. Simply enter your LinkedIn post into CrawlQ, and it will generate interesting blog topics and original posts based on your profile, connections, and interests.

You’ll never have to worry about finding the right funnels, channels, or product-market fit, or focusing too much on paid aids and expensive referral programs while being extremely capital inefficient again!

First, you must have an understanding of your broader audience and what their pain points are. Once you know that, you can use content strategy to generate personal stories, regular posts, viral posts, or blog posts for your site on a weekly basis that are focused on solving one or more of your target audience’s pain points.

Second, find out what keywords people are using on Search Engines related to the topics you cover. Then, write relevant content type or B2B content Text-only posts with those keywords in mind and make sure they are well-worded and engaging types of posts.

Finally, use social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) to promote your newly created valuable content including visual content, video content, carousel posts, or just classic post. Engage with your target audience by answering the topic in question and providing them with valuable content.

Publish Articles on – Publish Articles on LinkedIn · Your article may be searchable both on and off LinkedIn, depending on your LinkedIn Company Pages settings. Having your public LinkedIn Company Page visibility.


Benefits of Content Automation for LinkedIn Page Audience?

There is no question that creating content formats and publishing quality pieces of content can be a daunting task. Especially for business owners with limited resources, it can be hard to focus on the right channels, products, respective fields, and customer segments to achieve awesome ideas on a deeper level. Thankfully, the CrawlQ Content automation tool is available that help business ventures simplify regular content creation and weekly content calendar distribution for any company size.

CrawlQ Content automation tools offer a range of capabilities designed to make content production easier. These tools allow you to automate any type of post such as article writing, social media marketing, current events, future post, document post, webinar hosting, PR placement, and more. Automation allows you to dedicate more time and energy towards higher-value activities (i.e., generating leads or driving customer engagement) while freeing up your team to focus on those activities that offer true value for your company culture.

Overall, CrawlQ content automation helps streamline the process of producing valuable content for your business by automating many common tasks involved in crafting compelling copy. By freeing up your team to pursue higher-value activities while helping ensure quality control across all aspects of content production, these tools can have a significant impact on both lead generation and customer retention rates.

How to Write Your First Blog Post on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform – Mar 26, 2014 … It may look good on your desktop, but every browser is different, and it can create huge white spaces, on mobile especially.


What is CrawlQ?

CrawlQ AI content automation tool that helps business ventures produce high-quality types of posts, and actionable pieces of content quickly and efficiently.

It is the only automated content scraping software that will scrape LinkedIn for publicly available content. You can input keywords and then set up a schedule to scrape LinkedIn posts for updates.

CrawlQ streamlines the process of creating carousel posts or entire posts and distributing post types on LinkedIn Company Pages. It helps with the task of finding the right funnels, channels, and product-market fit, and focuses too much on paid aids and expensive referral programs while being extremely capital-inefficient.

Content automation by CrawlQ makes it easy for B2B Sales and Marketing SaaS Founders to produce high-quality, publishable content. The tool enables you to easily find relevant topics, channels, and product-market fit, and focus on what’s important – your customers.


Content automation for LinkedIn Pages using CrawlQ

With CrawlQ’s specialized feature, it is a revolutionary content automation for LinkedIn Pages, businesses can now tell their real stories in a compelling manner. The platform offers invaluable business tips to enhance engagement with the target audience while ensuring entire posts are accompanied by image posts. Bid farewell to poor-quality images as CrawlQ empowers users to curate an appealing background picture that resonates with their brand identity. Leveraging specialized features like career coaching and guidance, this tool caters to the professional growth of real people, connecting them with their target audience. Moreover, CrawlQ boasts a variety of features, including video ads and various post types, elevating the overall quality of LinkedIn posts and maximizing their impact on the dynamic business landscape.

Quite simply, content automation for LinkedIn Company Pages using CrawlQ AI-based content generator is the most efficient and valuable way to produce high-quality, engaging content that builds relationships with potential customers.


Problems solved by Content Automation.

CrawlQ Content Automation helps B2B Sales and Marketing SaaS Founders produce content efficiently and focus on the right funnels, channels, product-market fit, and referral program to generate maximum ROI.

Content automation solves the problem of regular content creation by taking the burden out of finding and writing high-quality social platform posts, LinkedIn Polls, mysterious posts, and native documents for potential clients. By using a platform like CrawlQ AI-based content generator, business ventures easily create quality content and publish posts with images, text-only posts, and event post types on a regular schedule, without character limits, and to spend time researching different channels or products. Additionally, by automating their content marketing process, businesses can focus more on their product

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Why would you prefer writing a blog with CrawlQ Content Automation?

Since content marketing is one of the most important aspects of a successful B2B sales and marketing SaaS company, and can be extremely capital inefficient without proper automation.

  • Content can be easily modified, tweaked, and rewritten to reflect the current & targeted audience
  • Easily find channels where content is being consumed – thus increasing chances of reaching a targeted audience
  • Can use various social networks & LinkedIn posts to measure results (click-throughs, social media shares, email opens, etc.) using visual elements, post likes, post URLs, share buttons, entire post comments, and detailed client success stories


CrawlQ solves all your content marketing concerns.

Most B2B tech founders think that creating regular content that generates clicks, sales, and authority is too hard and takes so long they can’t imagine becoming a good copywriter and authority in their field.

One of your biggest problems is that you are not getting enough qualified leads for your sales team to close. You’re spending thousands of dollars every month on Google Ads with no returns. Either the ads are poorly targeted, or they get traffic but no conversions because there’s something wrong with your landing pages or website copy.

CrawlQ weekly content calendar is the world’s 1st automated content marketing software for SaaS, Mobile Apps, and other businesses. It delivers the ultimate solution to your issue of “Automated Content Marketing” by creating highly optimized customized pieces of content such as visual content or video content and future post that matches your ideal prospect’s search intent and customer journey in an automated way.

CrawlQ variety of features saves time and energy by making it easy to produce high-quality, engaging content on your behalf. Instead of spending hours each week producing articles, posts, and videos, CrawlQ takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Simply enter your topic, specify which channels you want to engage with (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and CrawlQ specialized feature will generate high-quality content that aligns with your company’s strategy and fits on all of your target platforms.

It also provides a commission-based business model that allows you to focus on what’s important–growing your business–instead of worrying about monetization strategies or whether you’re spending too much money on content marketing tools.

Finally, the CrawlQ weekly content calendar is extremely capital efficient because all you need is an email address to start using our service.

What is content marketing, and How do I dip my hands into.


Achieve great goals for your company.

The benefits of the CrawlQ AI-based content generator are endless for entrepreneurs! It provides additional ideas straight away with its detailed content suggestions. That means you won’t have to do hours of research to create compelling business page copy for your target niche–CrawlQ does it for you, all automatically!

You’ll also love how easy it is to use CrawlQ. Signup for a free trial now.


Final thoughts

In conclusion, creating an excellent blog post on LinkedIn requires understanding and implementing best practices that align with current trends. Staying updated on the platform’s size trends, utilizing the search bar effectively, and optimizing your background and cover photos are essential steps to ensure your content captures attention right from the start. Moreover, crafting your blog post at an 8th-grade level allows you to engage a broader audience and connect with them on a deeper level.

Incorporating visually appealing elements such as high-quality pictures, video content, and posts featuring real people will undoubtedly enhance your post’s relevance and appeal. Remember, utilizing the publisher post option allows for better visibility and greater reach. Alongside this, providing valuable career guidance or sharing life lessons adds intrinsic value to your content, making it more shareable and likely to resonate with your target audience.

Engagement is key on any social platform, so encourage your audience to network via post engagement and interact with your regular posts. Hosting online events in video format taps into human psychology’s preference for face-to-face interactions, fostering a sense of community and fostering stronger connections with your audience. By employing these best practices, your blog posts on LinkedIn are bound to stand out, garner greater engagement, and contribute to your overall success on this thriving social platform.