How to Get More B2B Clients Quicker for your Copywriting Agency?

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To establish a successful copywriting agency, you or your team must write using AI tools well. You have to write transparent, compelling, long-term sustainable, and customer-focused high-quality, high-converting lead generation and conversational copy with the help of your domain knowledge and smartly using AI Content Creation tools.


How to scale your agency’s copywriting business?

As a copywriter, you specialize in helping companies achieve their business goals through the power of words. You help them create an impactful message to attract customers and increase sales. You might have written hundreds of articles for clients on various topics, including SEO content writing, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, and eCommerce content writing.

However, If you want to be a top-notch Coach, Teacher, and Professional B2B Copywriter who excel at their craft, you need to focus on high-demand conversion copywriting. Also, it would help if you used innovative AI tools and techniques to outsmart the competition and get more clients quicker for your agency.

In this post, we will be covering.


Copywriting is essential because it provides many ways to get noticed and attract people to your business, including creating a blog, social media posts, videos, and more.

There are many ways to find B2B copywriting clients. The first step is to create your portfolio website with your best work. You can also use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect with potential customers. You can find events in your industry or geographic area where you might be able to sell some of your services.

You can get leads by partnering up with other agencies that serve the same clientele as you. They may have a database of contacts or at least know someone in their network that could help refer them to business deals for which they need a writer on board for content creation purposes.



  • One suggestion is to take a step back and focus on the big picture. When you reflect on your goals, you’ll be able to see how everything fits into place.
  • A second suggestion would be to document all of the steps you’re taking to reach those goals. Having this information will help you stay motivated and accountable for what needs to get done.
  • The third idea is for newbies who want their first taste of success: pick something small and achievable, like one project or meeting at a time, and try it out!


The basics of copywriting using AI Tools

Copywriting is an essential skill for any business. But it can be hard to find the time and know-how to create compelling copy that sells your products or services if you’re running a small business, working in marketing at a large company, or just starting on your own.

To help with this problem, AI Tools are now available for marketers who want to automate their writing process. These tools allow users to input keywords related to their product or service – called triggers – which will prompt the software to generate content based on those keywords.

This automation has obvious benefits: It saves time filling content gaps when you have tight deadlines. Automation also reduces the writer’s fatigue from trying too hard, generating more effective content because you’re not trying to come up with so much with yourself.

But there are also pitfalls: Your content may lack the personal touch of an experienced writer; overall consistency across your site may suffer, and you could develop a one-dimensional voice that doesn’t resonate with readers.

To help you decide if this is right for your business, ask yourself these questions:

– Does my business have a strong voice?

– Do I have time to write content regularly, and am I willing to invest in training for this project?

– Am I comfortable managing the process from start to finish with minimal outside help?

To create a successful blog, you need an audience and content. In other words, the more people read your blog posts, the better you’ll do.

Copywriting with AI tools is a new concept for many, but it’s been around in some form or another very recently.

AI copywriting software will craft an entire marketing campaign from scratch based on your input and generate text for headlines, presentations, email campaigns, blog posts, sales letters, and social media posts.

The process involves taking a series of prompts to create a document you can tweak to suit your needs – this is where AI makes the whole thing possible.


How to find B2B Copywriting Clients for your agency?

The best way to quickly find B2B Copywriting Clients is by networking with people in the same industry, attending relevant conferences, and getting referrals from other professionals. I know the fear of rejection is a huge concern for anyone looking to grow their business. The key is to find clients who are not afraid of rejection and encourage them to take risks.

The single big problem in scaling the process is the lack of time. The person’s high commitment, research time, and demand contribute to this problem.

Here are three possible solutions.

  • You hire a copywriting coach for your agency. The copywriting coach’s role is to be a mentor and guide for the clients to empower them with skills that can be applied immediately in their business.
  • Hire a COO who oversees all operational aspects of the agency business, freeing up your time to focus on teaching and mentoring your team members.
  • You could also create an executive coaching program or school where you train people from other companies to become effective copywriters so they don’t have to hire someone full-time from outside their organization.

It is crucial to understand the importance of target audience research in copywriting. Research plays a critical role when it comes to successful copywriting. Professionals with experience and knowledge about what they are doing know the power of research to produce quality content that can stimulate people’s interest or question their concerns, like in advertising. Plus, if you plan on becoming a professional copywriter, you should become accustomed to researching your topic and target audience before giving advice, especially where accuracy in reporting is needed.


What is the single step that can stand you from the crowd?

If you want to get more clients, first, you need to create a system in your agency that allows your copywriting team to spend more time with their families and make more money simultaneously.

For this, you need a system that lets you scale your team’s productivity, cut research time by half, and produce high-quality laser-focused target-focused content for your clients.


How to make more time for research?

If you value research time more than anything else, you must work to make it happen. This might mean:

  1. -Prioritizing other aspects of your life (e.g., family obligations)
  2. -Working with a partner or team that can handle some of the tasks you would normally do
  3. -Learning how to delegate a better way to find more time for research than writing is to utilize a proven framework for the topic and target audience research using AI tools and techniques for copywriting. Here are three solutions to the operational aspect: a vast commitment, research time, and high demand.
    • Create a system for scheduling and prioritizing tasks to the most important ones.
    • Prioritize what you do next based on what can be done in that period without sacrificing the quality of work and research time
    • Agree on a clear communication protocol with your team and clients


How to use AI tools for target audience research?

AI Tools for Target Audience Research:

Target audience research is a cornerstone of the copywriting process. It’s essential to understand who you’re writing for and their needs. Plenty of tools will do the research and data gathering for you. The trick with these tools is assessing their accuracy by testing them against other sources/research methods.

Artificial intelligence tools, such as keyword research, can help tackle research. This is because humans have become too time-consuming to do this manually, so they are looking at other options. The program will collect data from various sources and provide relevant information without human input.

AI cannot replace humans in copywriting. There’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what AI is and can do. It can’t think like humans, doesn’t understand the context the way we do, and is not creative. I don’t believe that AI will replace humans with copywriting. It can be a great tool to assist in making decisions and help with the creative process, but it cannot replace human beings altogether.

You need to allow the experienced copywriter to take the lead and feed the system with proper human intelligence for copywriting.

AI Tools for Target Audience Research like CrawlQ allow your inputs to seed and steer the AI in the right direction. CrawlQ is a tool that can be used to research and find information on target audiences. You can provide it primary seed information about your target audience. It can generate insights using data from social media, blogs, forums, and other platforms to find relevant data points about the target audience.


Key focus areas

‘ If you’re looking to grow your B2B business quickly, a few key things will help. First, identify the pain points of your target customers. Second, find out how they might be able to solve their challenges with your product or service. Next, explore what other solutions exist for them and why yours is the best option.’

  • Establish a scalable process and structure
  • Establish Branding
  • Establish Positioning
  • Establish Teaching, Training, and Coaching

It’s not just about writing copy but scalable formulaic structure + content automation using AI tools in copywriting.

You must set goals and expectations for yourself when you’re getting started as a copywriter and setting up your agency. Make sure that your goals are realistic and challenging enough to push you to grow.


The ultimate win for scaling your agency business

As a copywriter, you must be able to help your clients get more clients. To help clients get more clients, they need to know what their audience wants. Copywriters must first identify the target audience and understand their needs, goals, challenges, or pain points. Once copywriters understand these factors, they should start writing content that provides solutions for those challenges or pain points. This will help you to solve the business problem of your clients. This is where your actual value lies as a copywriter. You need a scalable solution to achieve this.


The significant result you want to achieve

Create a copywriting system that will allow you to spend more time with your family and make more money while leveraging the benefits of advancements in AI to cut your research time while writing the copy.

Do you want to create a copywriting system?

Do you need help with how to make extra money?

How can I get started as a freelance copywriter?


Key takeaway

A key takeaway is that successful copywriters can zoom in on high-value tasks and get them done quickly.


Last thoughts

In my next blog post, I’ll share some proven tips to help you land more B2B clients consistently. My team and I have used the same tactics to generate 10x ROI for our copywriting agency using advanced market research and AI content automation.