How to Overcome Writer’s block in 8 Easy Steps


Do you know what I would do If you told me to write?

My writing routine would first eat food, take a nap, watch a dozen YouTube Videos, mindlessly scroll IG Reels, then go for a walk, visit a coffee shop and when I am left with no option, I will sit down and write.

I am sure writing rut happens with you as well because it happens with all the professional writers looking for creative solution from time to time around the globe.

Writer’s creative block holds me paralyzed, and my creative mind mind can’t think any piece of writing.

For a long time, I also wanted to get rid of the writer’s block but didn’t know how to get rid of writing block quickly.

As the saying goes.’ Writing is not complicated but sitting down to write is.’

And once you sit down with a topic in mind, another challenge pops up.


On some lucky days, your creative juices flow, and your hands follow.

And magically, there’s a lot written in no time.

I wish that would be the writing routine of every day.

But unfortunately, many times, we sit down to write and can’t even pen down the first line.

And it’s the most frustrating and overwhelming feeling a writer has

But don’t worry!!

I will give you some practical tips to overcome writer’s block and write better.


8 Easy Steps to Overcoming Writer’s Block and Boosting Your Creativity


Writer’s block can be one of the most frustrating experiences for either Famous Writers or not. It can make even the simplest writing projects seem impossible to complete. However, there are easy steps you can take to overcome writer’s block and boost your creativity.

By implementing these easy steps, you can overcome writer’s block and get back into a productive flow of writing. So don’t let writer’s block hold you back any longer – take action today and start boosting your creativity!


TIP #1. Just sit down and write

You are not in the mood for writing process.

But still, write anything you know about the topic even if it’s not in order or not ‘THAT’S GOOD’.

Remember,’ Good writers write a terrible copy and edit it .’

Once you decide and sit down to start the writing session, you will get a good story idea, creative process and creative flow of what you want to say.

And you can always edit it better after a short break from writing.


TIP #2. Get Organized

Writing skills is all about clearly explaining what you have in your head.

So the first step of writing exercises is to jot down your overall content strategy during writing time.

What do you want to achieve?

Writing schedule required to achieve it?

Time of day to do this?

And how is this piece of writing content significant in that long journey?

Once you are clear about this and has a creative energy, then start to write.

You can use various apps to make an editorial or content calendar.

Don’t forget to give yourself deadlines.

This will help you to be motivated and organized and stay on track. As a content creator, you need to set clear deadlines, expectations and accountabilities.

Mark my words, it will help you write better and faster content.


TIP #3. Find Your ‘SWEET SPOT’

Have you ever had even a minor burn?

It hurts, right?

You can’t focus on anything else at the moment.

That’s the same with your environment.

A clean and comfortable desk space to write and think will surely give you a better vibe and a clear-thinking pattern.

If you are too lazy to clean up your room and get things organized, I would request you to please change.🙏

And even research studies suggest the same- Having clean surroundings induce better productivity and creativity.

Make your surroundings clean and comfortable, then sit down to have an amazing writing time.

It could be an extreme solution for you to feel better, get a new fantastic idea and start things.

Also, try to switch between desk for hours and see your ‘SWEET SPOT’?

Many combat writer in the past had a specific place where they sat to write.

It can be your neighborhood park, office desk, roof, or anything.

Having a writing ritual and exercises for writer increases your productivity manifolds and help with writer’s block.


TIP #4. Take a break

After an entire writing process of your first draft take a break, this is a cure for writer.

Do anything interesting like go out for a walk, listen to your favourite songs, play your favourite sport and come back to the desk after 1 hour.

It’s the best exercises for writer to refresh your brain and come up with creative writing courses.

Do you know: Albert Einstein played the violin content writer🎻 when he took a break while solving complex physics problems.

This simple advice on writing  can help you unlock your creativity, come up with fresh resource for writing and be more productive during your amazing writing time.


TIP #5. Set realistic goals

New Year has just gone by and you might have taken humongous resolutions.

And yes setting goals is kinda easy but working on them takes such a harsh toll on us that we leave that goal.

So try a different approach this year.

Instead of saying I will write 2 blogs a day say I will sit down and write just a paragraph.

Trick your brain and you won’t realise when you have completed your tasks.

And when you have done them reward yourself for achievements.

This way you will get past frustration and be more patient in achieving the outcome.


TIP #6. Be Creative

We don’t realise it but we follow the same writing ritual every day- the same work, in the same way, the same ‘favourite songs’, the same route to your office.

And this, unfortunately, this results to bad writing.

Our entire writing process has become too predictable.

Break out of this bad writing ritual by listening to new content or pro-actively thinking about how to do a task differently.

This will also help you to come up with more creative ideas for your content and get rid of writer’s block.

Overcome Writer's Block

TIP #7. Reducing Screen Time

I have noticed that whenever I use my devices a lot, then my mind becomes restless, and I am unable to focus or come up with good ideas anymore.

My equation is,’ Screen time is inversely proportional to creative thinking and productivity.’

And that’s precisely the reason you must prefer to write in the morning as your mind is fresh and you can come up with new ideas.

So don’t write when you are entangled in your thoughts after using your devices too much.

So I would advise you to note how much you use your devices and how it affects you?

This will surely help you to get rid of Writer’s Block.


TIP #8. Use Smart Tools

What can be better than a machine making your work easy?

The root of writer’s block is you cannot pen down the first draft of your project.

CRAWLQ Brand Content Writer can quickly solve this.

CrawlQ AI powered tool has the power to present a well-researched and formatted first draft in just a matter of clicks.

It cuts your research time and helps you focus on the more creative part of being a writer.

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Conclusion: Embracing Your Unique Writing Voice and Keeping the Words Flowing with Confidence.

Overcoming Writer’s Block is Essential for Every Writer, and With These 8 Easy Steps, You Can Boost Your Creativity and Start Writing Again.

When faced with the dreaded writer’s block, there are several top strategies that can help overcome this creative hurdle and ignite inspiration when it’s needed most. One effective approach is to treat it as an episodic challenge, acknowledging that writer’s block is a common part of the creative process and that it will eventually pass. Additionally, utilizing creative writing prompts can be a powerful tool to jumpstart the imagination and break free from the writing funk. Exploring different environments or changing the routine can also help rejuvenate creativity and snap out of a writing rut.

Another innovative solution is to try out the Dangerous Writing App, a unique platform that rewards writers for consistently meeting their writing goals while imposing consequences for missed deadlines. Finally, seeking external sources of guidance and inspiration, such as the Purdue Online Writing Lab, can provide valuable resources and insights to overcome writer’s block and enhance the writing experience. By combining these strategies, writers can effectively navigate the challenges of creative slumps and reignite their passion for writing.

Embracing your unique writing voice and maintaining a steady flow of words with confidence is crucial for any writer. Each episode of a writer’s journey brings its own set of challenges, but there are effective cures for overcoming them. Engaging in creative writing courses can provide valuable tools and techniques to enhance your writing skills and discover your authentic voice. These courses serve as an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced writers, offering guidance and feedback to help refine your craft.

Additionally, seeking out reputable resources for writing, such as acclaimed books, online platforms, and writing communities, can offer inspiration and valuable insights to fuel your creativity. By embracing your individual writing voice and actively seeking support and guidance from trusted sources, you can keep the words flowing and write with confidence, creating a body of work that is uniquely yours.