How to transition your Digital Marketing Agency into the #1 SaaS Marketing Agency?


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SaaS Marketing Strategy for Agencies

This article will explain how to generate a unique SaaS marketing strategy for your digital marketing agency.

The main reason why digital marketing agency owners struggle with the SaaS business is that they don’t have a SaaS business plan. Many digital marketing agency owners don’t understand the importance of having a SaaS business plugging in the long run. To become successful in the SaaS business for your agency, you need to clearly understand what your clients want and how you can deliver it. In other words, you should help them find the right niche and create a framework that will solve their client’s problem using a content strategy solution.

This process is called Market Research, and there are many different methods you can use to get information about your target audience. It’s not just one area of focus; you need to consider all areas, such as demographics, psychographics, behavior patterns, product-market fit, transformation, price, mechanism, and access channel.

I call this process Market Identification or N-T-P-M-A.


What is N-T-P-M-A?

As an agency owner, you must help your SaaS clients find their N-T-P-M-A.


Without this process, you cannot help your SaaS Clients and your chances to attract more clients for your marketing agency. Typically, this work is a mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Qualitative data usually comes from in-depth customer interviews to understand their needs better. In contrast, quantitative information is obtained through surveys or other questionnaires in which respondents answer a list of questions on a scale from 1-5 or yes/no.

What is the Traditional vs. New Approach to finding N-T-P-M-A?

Old Way 

  • Create Surveys, Questionnaires, and Interviews

Old Results 

  • Less than 5% of research participants complete surveys.

New Way 

  • A new way is to use NLP algorithms to mine desires, dreams, roadblocks, suspicions, and benefits to turn into compelling stories and engaging answers to your user’s questions comprehensively.

New Results 

  • This technique uses artificial intelligence (AI) language models and contextual search to identify relevant vocabulary around a particular Niche audience that relies on the context and Human-assisted AI to augment a deep understanding of your target market.

Old Way 

  • Hire expensive Market Research and Rating Agencies

Old Results 

  • Target audience pain points or survey biases do not influence rating.

New Way 

  • Semantic intelligence and Natural Language Generation (NLG) help you create content related to your audience’s pain points.

New Results 

  • Create content that is target audience optimized around a particular Niche Vocabulary rather than the SEO keywords.

Old Way

  • Creating content based on keywords without linking search intent, buyer persona, and niche-specific competitiveness

Old Results 

  • Poorly defined audiences and product profiles.
  • Long time-to-market.
  • The cost is much higher than the goal.

New Way 

  • Create a comprehensive content strategy aligned to your business goals to validate your idea, test your message, differentiate from competitors, and focus on insights, stories, and engaging answers to speak the voice of your customer

New Results 

  • Establish a robust product or service launch content funnel relevant to business niche, buyer persona, and conversion goals maximizing the feedback loop from marketing to sales to product development.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes New SaaS Marketers Make And How To Avoid Them 


Biggest Mistake #1: Not knowing there is 10x extra work on creating a backend for a successful SaaS marketing funnel

The first biggest mistake is not knowing how to use the SaaS marketing funnel. Any B2B digital marketing agency aims to generate leads, convert leads into customers, and ensure they are happy with your service or product. You can’t do that if you don’t know how the SaaS marketing funnel works.

The big issue here is that the agency owners are busy building beautiful websites forgetting about the backend needed to operationalize their SaaS client’s funnels.

It would be best to lead nurture email sequences, sales letters, and downloadable assets like ebooks, white paper, or ROI calculators.

SaaS marketing is different from what you are accustomed to doing.

If you are a digital marketing agency owner trying to become a successful SaaS marketer, you must pay attention to the back end of the funnel. A high-conversion strategy follows in-depth market research followed by niche-specific high-value 100% unique content.

To avoid the trap, you must help their SaaS clients with copywriting. Without a proper investment in B2B SaaS copywriting framework that is scalable, maintainable, and 100% unique to its target audience, you cannot support creating a successful backend for the marketing funnel of your prospective SaaS Clients.

Biggest Mistake #2: Fishing for Appointments

When customers are on the SaaS website or marketing funnel, they want to know what we offer to solve their pain points – not how to get a demo or discovery call.

People who go fishing for appointments don’t have the best conversion rates.

  • Fishing for appointments is generic and bland.
  • The prospect doesn’t feel like you care about their business problems or them as an individual.
  • The prospect sees it as ‘just another call.’

SaaS Marketing comes in the form of compelling copywriting. You can avoid this mistake if you understand that backend of the marketing funnel is based on solid niche research and copywriting.

The B2B SaaS Copywriting is about solving business problems and not just booking demos or discovery calls.

‘And let me rant on it.’

“The new-age sales rep and sales leaders need to understand that salesman’s job is much more than close and collecting credit card details. Salesperson needs to be a real problem solver and smart copywriter too”. 

If you want to transition into SaaS marketing successfully, do not fall into the trap of quick funnel traps without a solid strategy to solve your customer’s business problems or prospective SaaS clients.

Biggest Mistake #3: Getting stuck in the ‘features’ or ‘benefits’ mode of the Agency Package

When you talk to them, don’t pitch your agency service package. Pitch them on why they should buy from YOU as a person. Show them your authority, talent, skills, and problem-solving approach. Many other companies are selling the same thing as you, so your only edge is how much better the customer experience, trust, and personal commitment will be with YOU.

I can say this based on 100s of recent demo calls with many SaaS marketers and founders. Many SaaS clients feel the gap in marketing agencies and why they prefer hiring internal people over agencies when marketing their SaaS.

Suppose you want to transition to a successful SaaS Marketer and master getting prospects interested in the problem-solution space of your prospective SaaS clients’ ideal customers (Niche). Try to research trends and gather data about what people want and need this minute, not next year!

Learn how to change your marketing messages based on what customers need now to keep prospects engaged with an evergreen message


What makes a good SaaS marketer?

A good SaaS marketer must continuously learn new marketing tactics and strategies and try them out in their own business or any other business. A good SaaS marketer also knows when to use which approach for a specific product/service.

On the other hand, some things don’t make a good SaaS marketer. For example, someone who doesn’t want to learn anything new but wants everything handed over on a silver platter will not be a successful SaaS marketer.

The reason is simple.

The world of marketing changes all the time. You have to change with it if you want your successful transition into the SaaS Marketing business or yourself as an individual to succeed in SaaS Marketing.

“You can’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”

In my next article, I will break down the exact process from Step 1 to Step n to create a successful framework using the CrawlQ AI-assisted niche research and B2B AI Copywriting so that you don’t end up making a WordPress website for your prospective SaaS clients.

Instead, you create a solid AI-powered Niche Research framework that you can scale operationally and successfully for each SaaS client you work with one-time setup and 10x ROI for your marketing agency or yourself.

If you want to take a step ahead, we can come together on a Call, and I will help you set up the framework so that in the next 24 hours, you are ready to work with your new SaaS client.

Here is the link if you want to jump ahead.