I wanted to share something which I felt will be of lot of value to all the people in the community.I recently was going through one of the most prestigious Lead Generation and Marketing course. The first chapter of the course was “Building the perfect buyer avatar”. It was also mentioned in the course that it will take minimum 5-6 hours to complete this and you might get temptation to skip it but they emphasized that this is the most important part of entire course and if this is not done right, the entire course will be of no value.This reminded me of one of the most valuable LTD I have ever bought and that is Crawl Q. What CrawlQ does? It gives you a template that will help you find your buyer persona. You can answer few questions and take the help of AI to answer the rest and then modify it as per your experience. You also use insights and their research tools to do deep dive research on your buyer avatar. When you know everything about your target audience, you understand them better than they do themselves and this is where your marketing copy will be able to connect with them. Think of a situation where you know everything about your buyer. Their needs, wants, desire, expectations, fears everything. This can be of huge advantage to any marketer.Many people do complain that it is too much but there is no get rich quick scheme. You have to put effort to get results and if you don’t understand your buyer, your copies won’t connect with your target audience. Also, this doesn’t has to be done at once. There will be questions you won’t be able to answer. The trick is to complete the edges and what you know about your buyer and go and research what you don’t know. Because this is your job as a marketer.Now, we all know this is just a part of CrawlQ, it also has market research, sales copy templates, AI writer Athena (which can be trained as per your niche) and many other features. Guys, the value you will get from this software can help you make millions if you use it right. If you hire a consultant to do these things for you, the minimum charge will be $8-10k.Please understand the value and do yourself a favor. Don’t focus on what you are not getting instead focus on what you are getting. I am promoting Crawl Q because I am in love with the software and I am totally convinced that this will be one of the most valuable asset for me.Thank you Harish Kumar for what you have made. I am your customer for life.