Had a very productive session with Harish Kumar about creating your avatar and defining you niche. You know the software creator cares when they take time out to help. Just off what I saw I went back and started a new niche and was able to come up with…What my avatar would call themselves, what are their interests, what keeps them up at night(this has been elusive for me) what they think about and things they say even their beliefs and how to niche down.Crawiq is a beast of a tool (a good thing) when it come to defining your niche and who you are talking to.It will also open up new hooks and angles you didn’t see because now you are using what your market actually says. Just give the software a good starting point with specific input and it will give you a whole marketing team of information lol.Haven’t scratched the surface with this tool yet but I am thankful and grateful.For this new understanding. Thanks .