Admittingly, when I first bought this tool, I was expecting an AI content writer and researcher. Similar to Frase or another content generator.I stopped using it for a while since I was time-constrained.However, after taking a deep dive into the product, I’m happy with my investment regardless of the current stage of development.If you are, by chance, a person that wants a magic tool to help you write all your content and not willing to fill out the fields, this app isn’t for you. As a marketing consultant that does implementation work, I can confidently say this takes your game to a new level.Stop complaining about the “1000” of questions. If you put garbage into the fields because you are impatient or don’t know enough about the industry, you will not get the best output. I can’t tell you how many would be “bloggers” or “SEO” specialists write articles about building muscle/losing weight when they never spent a day in the gym or don’t know the difference between complex vs. simple carbohydrates.If you ever worked in an agency, start-up, or involved with clients in the F500 level: identifying, establishing, testing, and reinforcing value propositions for a niche separates you from a generic SEO specialist.In the grand scheme of things, understanding branding and search intent will make or break your conversions, bounce rate, sales, and other KPI metrics.In time, after fixes and fine-tuning, this can be easily a 5 figure product many consultants and C-Suite executives would gladly pay.