So Ive been using every ai tool in the tool shed so to speak because I don’t have a marketing team. I recently bought this solution (crawliq) that generates content but it has a speciality: finding insights to your target customer.I’m so impressed!As I don’t have much clarity on who my target customer is for my wallets and if the content I’m generating reall is having any impact, I didn’t know where to start. So I just picked one of the women who has always supported me and purchased many of my products. Just to start somewhere.Are there a lot of things to fill out?Yes, but after you fill out two or three, it has a generate button and then it fills in the rest. You can then scan it and change anything you don’t think is accurate.It’s got tons of forms for psychographics, etc.Did it help to use it with Harish Kumar to talk to me while using it?Yes he knows a lot and explained to me about how to get into the customers mind and the purpose of this tool. I wish he would do group workshops where we could all follow along and ask ideas when we get stumped and help each other. Just a thought.Crawliq has this generate panel and what’s cool is when you click on that, it builds this text that tells more about your character. It even has quotes of her/him talking. It makes up fake situations that she/he may find themselves in. Lots of what I call “insights”. These insights spark ideas for me of content I could create. Or headlines to blog posts, ig posts etc.This tool has got in addition-and I literally haven’t tried anything other than this customer profile generator-then blog post writing, social media post writing, Facebook add writing, and even a video sales scrip writer (I did try that but I think I have to do more training of the module cuz it didn’t really give me good script, it gave me kind of nonsense and this needs improvement).This is what we can human to machine. This is how we walk hand in hand with artificial intelligence. This is how machine learning can assist us as humans.Do I like it? Yes! So helpful!Does the user interface need more ui UX?Yes 100%. It’s not so user friendly to someone like me. It’s intimidating. Confusing. Text is super small and not well formatted. Confusing text.Is it like a form and it’s just spitting things I input back at me reconfigured?Yes maybe. I’m always dubious abou the “intelligence” of a machine. In the end Ai is an excell file sheet. I’ve built them before with chat it’s and virtual beings. There’s no voodoo here that you can convince me “it’s alive” or “it’s intelligent”.But is it reconfiguring what I input in a helpful way by using a formula much like funnel scripts /lead funnels scrips or those sentences where you fill in the blank?Yes. It does it’s task: sparks my supercomputer brain to have ideas. It generates insights.Is it helpful?Yes. To someone like me who struggles with this, absolutely. To someone who’s an expert in market demographics-useless tool cuz that person uses their supercomputer brain which has been trained to this and has had lots of practice.So what’s the purpose of Ai?Assistance. Much like talking to a friend or a consultant.Why is talking to a human consultant better?Well their supercomputing brains have been trained longer than this ai module.Why do I use it?Cheaper. I can spend all the time I want trying out things and generating insights.Can a tool like this help a consultant do a consulting call?Sure as hell yes! Save them time and generate these reports and then all they do is write a summary or they can copy paste insights for the person. Holy cow yes.So that’s what I’m saying: hunan to machine. Humans and machines working together is much more effective than just human.Can the machine outthink the human?Well if you’re calculating pi – yes on average most people can’t do that in their head to infinity. Other things: no. You got to put some good data in to start. Good data in and then press the button. Then analyze. Tweek the data. Then think.Thinking and creativity will never go out of style for humans. It’s what we are good at. And it’s what we should be paid for as we have trained out minds to output those complex solutions to complex oroblems. Call it intuition. Call it machine learning. We’ve had our ten thousand hours of training in our field.I like machines. Often they are nicer than people.