Hi everyone… I spent about 90 minutes with Harish today as he explained his vision for the software and how it works.As a business consultant and former software company owner myself, as he was explaining, I kept thinking of the potential for his company.Here’s my take:

1. If you do not have an understanding of your persona(s), this software is like using Excel to do basic math. The reason I use this analogy is that I use Excel for the most basic of purposes (like copying and pasting text into cells and doing the most simple of formulas). This isn’t what Excel is meant to be used for… but it works for me… I do not complain that I’m not getting pivot charts and all the other fancy outputs that Excel can give because I know that I’m not inputting the data it needs to give me that.It’s the same with CrawlQ. It’s going to be a very powerful tool… but to use it and test it and squeeze every ounce of value from it… it needs you to complete the persona sections.

2. If you are looking for an AI content creator that reads your mind, none of them do that with GPT-3. You have to feed them prompts. You have to edit and purge and fact check EVERYTHING.I’ve tested Copysmith, Copy.ai, snazzy.ai, Nichesss, and Conversion.ai. Tomorrow I’ll be testing MarketMuse (before my 60 days is up because at this point, having untested it, it’s probably going to be refunded).I also use Frase and my intention is to find the best combination for whatever I need at the moment.All of these tools (well, I can’t speak for MarketMuse as I haven’t tried it yet) have relatively simple prompts that go out to the GPT-3 for their output.If you are writing general blog posts for SEO purposes only, rather than providing valuable insight, advice, experience and research, these tools will work for you.However, if you want to write to a specific person (persona), none of them is going to give you output designed for that persona.And that’s where CrawlQ comes in.

3. I was so freaking frustrated going through the 1001 questions a couple of weeks ago when I first tried the app that I gave up.After seeing the potential output — not just short-form content but a variety of outputs like (eventually nearly ready to publish) video sales letters, sales pages and so on — I said to myself “okay, so this pain to complete the market research — which actually needs to be done for every viable business — will save me a sh*t load of time”. That’s when the lightbulb went off. Harish showed me how all of the inputs will get mapped to the outputs.It actually makes the other tools look so “last year”.Imagine that, as you learn more and more about the persona(s), you feed that information into the database/prompts and instead of painstakingly writing copy, the app takes this info and creates content for you… all sorts of content.Wouldn’t you be willing to do everything you can to feed it what it needs to do so?I would… and this is why I’m writing this post tonight.Don’t buy this app if you are looking for general GPT-3 output. There are many other apps out there that will give you output with seriously little effort on your part towards the input prompts.Don’t buy this app if you don’t know or care to know about your persona(s). It’s like my use of Excel. It will work but you are wasting an opportunity.Buy it if you want to excel in creating valuable content that connects with your persona(s) in ways that speak to what they need, then take the time to understand your personas and feed CrawlQ what it needs to give you what you need.I hope this helps explain what I learned today.