“Its market research is even more in depth than a professional market research audit”
Overall: I have a love and hate relationship with CrawlQ. I love it does deeper market research and discovery than I do professionally for my clients, I hate it because of the same reason because it is a ton of work. The founder and team really love the product and is passionate on sharing the results of their latest development and actual use case. Get it while it is one-time fee and before it goes enterprise and start costing a mortgage payment a month!
Pros: You can write generic copy and get generic results. Or you can write killer copy and get sales and conversions. Most ai-writer is hit and miss and requires lots of editing and tinkering. With CrawlQ you do all the hard work upfront on market research such as discovery of pain points and your prospect’s use of language. It really takes you in the shoes of a professional copywriter, except it is ai, and once you train it, you get a professional ai copywriter who dishes out killer copy for you – hands free.
Cons: Every new business/niche, it is a pain to fill out hundreds of market research questions, but it has to be done for the business to be validated and successful. CrawlQ is not some get-rich-quick or magical pill to solve your problem overnight. However it is your best copywriter who will never leave you and is of one time fee only once you train it up.
Reasons for Switching to CrawlQ: CrawlQ automatically creates unique and killer-copy long form blog posts, sales letter and everything you need to win the content game.