“Rising AI-driven industry research and content writing tool”
Overall: CrawlQ is a software that aims to help you understand what your customers want and need. It can be a bit difficult to get started, especially if you are not familiar with the types of features it offers. However, once you have successfully used CrawlQ for a while, it will prove itself worth the effort in the end. It has many features, but the market research capabilities are what make it stand out from other scheduling apps on the market. It helps brand managers strategize their content strategy with ease by providing insight on how to best structure a meeting, which can be helpful in creating effective marketing strategies for companies looking to grow their brand. Still learning the software to get the best possible result.
Pros: -The depth of the market research capabilities – Number of mini-tools available within the platform – Their AI content writer “Athena” feature to write content based on our market research
Cons: -Bit complex for beginners to start using it immediately where it has learning curve -Not suited for everyone