Since the beginning of this year I started testing GTP-3 writing tools. Crawlq was one of them. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of input you needed to fill in. But once I filled in the most necessary information, I got complete long form content based on my niche.But that was in the beginning of this tool. Within a few months, it got some big updates in UX and UI. Filling the necessary information is a lot easier now because of the AI layer they’ve placed on top of it. It’s called Athena and spit out very accurate content based on your situation.This tool will help all 3 of my businesses attract clients organically and stay on the first page of Google. Not just due to some keywords in my content but mostly due to very contextual written content by Crawlq. That’s a game changer!Crawlq is one of the few GTP-3 tools I fully recommend.