What I found interesting in this app is that it goes deep into identifying your market research and resonance.This app focuses on this aspect in order for you to create content according to your market. You can skip the market research part and generate content in its content automation tab. But you’ll see some questions there which are previously in the market research tab. So technically, if you fill up all the market research questions in the first place then you can generate the content easily without filling much information in the content automation. While other AI-based apps are easy peasy, this app is quite different. It actually helps you understand and define your consumer very well. The market research and market resonance are awesome. Only this app offers that. It could take a few days before you get a hold of it but I believe it will be worth it after putting all the inputs.Another thing, the team is very patient and passionate in helping their users understand the app itself. They keep updating in order to meet users’ expectations. All the best to Harish and team.