CrawlQ is a powerful tool that helps you do the in-depth market research (by in-depth, I mean as deep as it can be), understand your buyers intent when they look for keywords that you are targeting, check on competitors content to get an idea about what they are offering and then lets you use that data to create compelling content based on those relevant data and the output is like putting your actual thoughts into words. And this is just a part of it. It also helps you write blog articles based on the topic you have selected. It scrapes out data from top-ranking articles and gives you complete data. It has a unique Q&A generator that generates questions and answers from top articles, which you can use in your content (I find this quite interesting and helpful). It also has tons of templates where you can just answer a few questions and generate high-quality copies for emails (also sequences), webinars, sales letters, websites, coaching/training, and many more. And this is not the whole thing. It also lets you analyze and optimize your website and generates many types of reports for SEO. It is not just one software but many under one hood. And a recent add-on that is its own AI writer called Athena adds so much value to this. You can train Athena on your niche to get the most relevant data generated by AI. If you got LTD for this, consider yourself lucky enough because the benefits you can reap from this gem are priceless.
I had almost got it refunded because it was confusing at first glance and other AI tools are so simple to use. But when I understood what it was, I was in awe and thanked my stars for suppressing my urge to get it refunded. Just give this software some time and play around with it. I’m sure you’ll be able to get a lot of value. And I genuinely want this software to go big because what they are trying to do will change the content game forever. No other AI tool can do what Crawlq can do.

A big thank you, Harish Kumar, for making such a great tool.