Welcome to CrawlQ


Welcome to CrawlQ


So welcome to the CrawlQ. Congratulations on signing up.

I am Harish Kumar. Founder at CrawlQ.ai and I am going to guide you through your CrawlQ Journey step by step in the following guides.

What are we going to cover in this Introductory Section?

In this introduction Section, You are going to learn:-

  • What to expect?
  • How to use this Software and Tutorials?
  • What is the story behind CrawlQ?

The Single big idea behind CrawlQ?


Know your target audiences like your mom-and-pop


never talking in the language, they fail to understand!” 


  • So if you’re a Product Design Engineer,  Sales and Marketing Technology Leader or you are seasoned blogger, coach or copywriter and you are struggling to use content to generate more revenue, now is the time to fix it.

What is the biggest problem CrawlQ solves?

Did you know that

Over 80% of  B2B or even B2C businesses have a Content Strategy? Interestingly, they also create Buyer Persona. But only 11% of those teams consider their content marketing strategy and their buyer persona accurate. Sadly, out of this 11%, few teams effectively use their buyer persona in their content creation process and fall prey to SEO keywords tools.

*Source: Content Marketing Institute Survey 2021

Content Marketing using AI is the hottest trend in marketing right now because it is one of the best ways to generate quick content and marketing ROI by building new and better relationships with your potential customers.

The question is…But how do you create a strong content marketing program? And how do you measure its effectiveness?

The answer is you need an extensive Buyer-Persona creation AI tool and the ability to test the effectiveness of your Buyer-Persona.

The biggest problem is how to create an effective Buyer-Persona, and the biggest challenge remains how to use it in your content creation process effectively.

“So CrawlQ is dedicated to solving this problem for Product Design Engineers, Sales and Marketing Technology Leaders or Bloggers and Content Writers.”

How did my frustrations help to build CrawlQ?

So, for the last 10 years, I’ve been working on product development and have terribly missed sales and marketing feedback loops into my product development. And being a Product Owner, I have always wondered who our real clients are.

Why is this so? This must change. So I decided to solve the problem on my own.

  • First, I found that there is a huge lack of understanding of who is the right person to target before starting the content creation process. Any initial research, even if it is done, is more focused on the keywords. 
  • There is a lack of efficient processes for creating effective target audience research for managing and scaling content that sells and provides feedback to product development teams.
  • Most content is only used for “top-of-the-funnel awareness” and not along the end-to-end customer journey.
  • In addition, I also found that tech-oriented Product Design Engineers, Product Managers or even content writers are not focused on solving specific problems for specific people with a specific desire. Without this end goal, it is impossible to create any unique content, let alone an interesting product. Content creation and Product development without this clarity are meaningless.
  • Converting leads into a paying customer is a direct emotional marketing value that results from carefully curated sales-oriented content based on your target audience research and purchase journey.
  • Finally, most entrepreneurs, marketers, and even content writers have not developed the necessary writing skills optimized for sales. As a result, the sales cycle is too long, the price is too low, and you are spending cash too quickly, relying on paid ads and expensive copywriters.
  • And talking about options available in the market, most tools, even so-called established AI Content Creation Tools, are too focused on SEO-related content, overly relying on keywords and search volumes. Some of these use Google data and AI spinners to spit out duplicate non-essential, non-unique, non-value-adding content competing for page # of Google. Just imagine what differentiated sales and conversion goals you will achieve by ranking on Page #1 of Google if you can’t pull the trigger of emotions, fears, suspicions, desires, roadblocks,  and what keeps them awake at night. 

What is the main proposition of CrawlQ for solving this problem?

  • To address this challenge, we put together an in-depth AI-assisted Market Research and Resonance Framework and business idea validation tool that explains how to turn your content creation process into a predictable, data-driven, automated organic growth machine while being extremely capital efficient.
  • The focus here is on organic growth and extremely capital-efficient use of the target audience research and turn that effectively into content that generates more conversions, sales, and ROI or even pre-sale your business or validate your product-market fit before you launch your product or service.

What are the main benefits and outcomes of CrawlQ?

So, here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

  • You will be able to make sales before you build. Test hypothesis, then pivot or persevere.
  • You will be able to generate leads that match your buyer’s persona and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • You will create content that matches search intent and maps to your customer’s journey in the sales funnel.
  • You can finally generate content relevant to your business niche, buyer persona, and conversion goals.

If you want to be a rockstar Product Design Engineer, Sales and Marketing Technology Leaders or Blogger, Content Writer, Coach or Consultant and you want to become an Authority in your domain, it’s time to move the needle.

Tell us more about success stories and case studies?

So we’re working with 3500+ early adopters and beta partners of our solution who are participating in CrawlQ’s early-stage AppSumo Launch.

So far, we have received great feedback as they have not seen such a robust and very detailed system connecting the buyer-persona approach to content creation.

So notable case studies are, well, our own. We’re using these methods and these tactics. Everything that we’re bringing to you, we use in our own business.

  • Our early adopters are: Kabbex, an AI-based mood detection and recommendation platform from the Netherlands, is using our testing framework and approach.
  • Lean Case, an investment planning tool from Germany, tests its funnel and customer acquisition process.
  • Abodoo, a talent heat map-based AI platform in Ireland and efile-cabinet, a most advanced Document Management System Software- a US-based client is using our framework and services.
  • We have more than 300+ agencies that have signed up with Lifetime Deal at the recent AppSumo Launch.
  • More than 1200+ freelancers and business owners with multiple backgrounds have signed up during our recent AppSumo Launch.

As I said, we have been working with some customers and getting very positive results.

See what our customers are saying about us.

Very soon, we are adding detailed case studies and more proofs here. So keep a watch on this section.

How can CrawlQ help to be capital efficient?

  • When you work with us, the most important thing is that you create a lab environment where you can run as many target audience tests as possible, from the end-to-end business idea validation to semantics, psychographics profiling of your target audience. Not only this, include your product’s emotional hook. You can generate blog posts, sales letters, emails, video scripts, webinars, and landing page funnel contents.

  • Next, you will test if your published content resonates with your target audience, collect some engagement metrics like clicks, leads, revenue. Then you will reiterate your buyer persona and update your content based on the feedback you get from the data.
  • By doing this, you ensure that no waste is created. The key is to understand that CrawlQ’s AI-assisted Market Research and Resonance framework will help you create a reliable test framework as quickly as possible.

  • You create robust processes for validating your business idea. You will implement the “Build-Measure-Learn” feedback loop to know what your customers want from you from day one. You create product features based on actual customer feedback and include these feedbacks into insights, answers, and stories generated by CrawlQ. You will iterate through this process as you get your customer feedback.
  • This is the key when you work with us that you are going to be extremely capital efficient. So it won’t take forever before there is a content funnel up and running for you. It won’t take two months, three months to test and set up a content funnel with the underlying conversion mechanism tested before investing heavily in product development, hiring, and pre-maturely scaling your business or investing too much money before validating your business idea.
  • What you want to achieve is that you want all your content automation and testing to be done in a few weeks.
  • You don’t want to spend money where you don’t have to.
  • You don’t want to hire people if you don’t have to.

It will therefore be extremely efficient in terms of capital.

How is CrawlQ different from other Content Marketing Solutions out there in the market?

We have tried everything.

  • Before starting to work on the CrawlQ, I tried everything out there in the market. Marketing and Sales tools from HubSpot to Semrush, Long-Tail Pro, ContentKing, BuzzSumo. Also, we have seen and tried a recent rise of SEO-driven AI Content Creation Tools. And these are big names with boss modes to more sophisticated SEO-focused Content Creators.  
  • The key problem I faced is that all these tools assume you have perfect product-market fit and perfect audience to target and assume already that your message is resonating. Secondly, most of the tools that I tried before starting on my own, I recognized that most of these tools are too focused on Technical SEO, keywords, topics, and works as a wrapper around Google data with no unique content and more or less creating high-level Wikipedia type of content. 
  • These are really good for general bloggers who focus on a broad niche like weight loss or dog training. However, to create unique and domain-specific target audience-driven content, there is hardly any option in the market.
  • Also, these tools are not designed for founders, marketers, and keeping the core team in mind. They do not monitor important KPIs and see-through the end-to-end customer journey.

None of the tools I tried works on connecting all the dots between target audience research product, sales, and marketing.

None of these tools focus on building content based on the buyer’s passion and pain points.

What makes CrawlQ the best among others?

So herewith, CrawlQ, we are obsessed with developing something which generates unique and useful insights, compelling stories, and engaging answers 100% Unique for any target audience aimed at.

With CrawlQ, you will not only fill these gaps but also build the pipeline funnel that generates Qualified Leads and transform your content into a machine that converts those leads into customers. And you are going to do this all in an iterative cycle as fast as humanly possible without any waste or very little waste.

How are the Buyer Persona, Content Creation and Sales Funnel approaches related to the revenue metrics in CrawlQ?

Great question.

  • The whole point is to build your unique buyer persona and turn that into powerful 100% unique content, which brings net worth and cash flow in terms of revenues. Okay? That’s the point. That’s our NSM…north star metrics….a popular term coined by startup investor Sean Ellis.
  • The term North Star metric—drawn from the common name for Polaris, the star that lies directly above the Earth’s Northern pole—is mostly rhetorical.
  • Essentially, NSM is the value your customer gets in return for that price. And your revenue is a direct function of that price. Thus your NSM is revenue, the most critical metric that is maximized using CrawlQ. The key link is that your AI-powered buyer persona will boost your content creation, directly hitting the bottom line revenue.
  • The main cost is your time and engagement while working with CrawlQ. The alternative is juggling many tools and not setting the right foundation for the long-term ROI and value creation using content marketing and product development. 

So, what ROI can we expect using CrawlQ?

  • So let’s set some expectations and go over some of the ROI.
  • If you execute all steps in a proper sequence, the ATHENA, the internal AI Engine of CrawlQ, will work automatically for you. The more you use the software in the market research and content creation, the more you see that ATHENA works for you automatically in the background.
  • So if you go through all steps properly and do the work, the ROI is more than 10x in a short run of 5-6 months. You are investing in sustainable business growth over a long period. The ROI, it’s huge if you actually take this seriously and do all the work, and you get the results.

What are the caveats and limitations of CrawlQ?

Having said this about our North Star Metric and expectations, here are some essential things to remember.

  • There is, of course, a little AI magic wand here, but everything is based on tried and tested formulas. These tactics and what we have built inside the Market Research, Copywriting, and AI Content Writer are drawn from the best references, texts, and hands-on practical experience. ATHENA, our internal AI, is finetuned and pre-trained on authoritative books and case studies on sales and marketing.
  • You will learn how to use AI tools and techniques using CrawlQ to enhance your copywriting skills, create content for sale, map buyer persona and search intent to the content and the customer journey.
  • The second thing to remember is there are no excuses. So you’re responsible for the results that you achieve. If you are lazy and do not take it seriously, you will get dismal results. The key is to stay focused, consider this in the laboratory, and commit to doing rapid experiments.
  • Nothing is a failure and a mistake. Everything you do here is validated learning based on data and evidence. You do not get stuck from feedback received from AI, Athena, or even your family and friends but only care for feedback from customers who are ready to open their wallets to pay for your products and services. You strongly believe in the lean principle of product development, and you are committed to hacking growth and content ROI using rapid 100% unique targeted content development.

What are other most important things I should take into account while working with CrawlQ?

The most important thing to remember.

  • So nothing is a failure; it’s just iteration.
  • So if you can go through this iteration loop fast, then eventually, it’ll convert. And We are here to set up this laboratory to do rapid experiments on your content creation. So the faster you go through this iteration loop, the faster you’re going to calibrate CrawlQ’s ATHENA to your benefit and to build a profitable business unit case. The faster you’re going to be able to scale the content creation process.

So remember, nothing is failing. It’s just an iteration.

How can CrawlQ help me step-by-step from scratch?

What will happen when you set up your first landing pages, send a couple of messages, and book a few demo calls?

  • So when you have come up with a new product or new offers of the existing product, you’ll put up a new landing page, create quick 15-20 blog posts, and see how it performs. It is a test setup, right? You look at the data. You will then tweak your Market Research and Resonance, quickly update your sales letters, blogs, email templates, and re-launch your campaign as fast as possible. That’s the key. You don’t have to wait until the product launch date. Even after the product launch, you don’t need to wait long…once designed and established. This system works based on your feedback loop from the data you observe.

So just follow the Workflow, repeat and rinse content like pro growth hacker.

 Focus on this. Do the work, do the job, do the work. Don’t be scared. Do work. Okay?

Tell me “How does it work”?

Research your target market and generate personalized copy using AI-powered content creation

When you’re trying to write riveting copy, nothing’s scarier than a blank page staring back at you. (“Five hours later, I’ve written the word ‘The’ in a very fancy font.”)

Plus, great copy is more than just the right words—you’ve also got to make sure you’re speaking to the right audience.

Imagine an advanced AI powerhouse that researches your audience and automatically writes awesome content that’s specifically catered to them.


  • Research your target audience and generate highly personalized insights, stories, questions, and answers
  • Use advanced AI to create niche-targeted content to increase leads, community engagement, retention, and conversions
  • Alternative to: MarketMuse, Frase and Jarvis
  • Best for: Product design engineers, CTOs, seasoned bloggers, copywriters, coaches and consultants looking to identify ideal customers and create tailored content

CrawlQ is an advanced, AI-driven market and content research tool that generates highly personalized, targeted copy for better conversions.


CrawlQ helps you identify your target audience, conduct market research, and generate high-quality content that’s tailored towards your target Niche.

Sell before you build using CrawlQ’s AI-assisted Market Research tools for swift product-market fit and business idea validation. You can run as many target audience tests as possible.

CrawlQ will take you step by step through defining demographics and serving up with the copy that emotionally captivates your target audience.



Instantly generates insights on audience needs that help define user preferences!

CrawlQ helps you get super specific in your research, too. In just minutes, you can delve further into sub-niche, micro-niche and your ideal prospect story to resonate with your best target audience. 

For example, a niche is music fans, a sub-niche is rock fans, and a micro-niche is fans of The Rolling Stones.

Take your analysis even deeper by defining niche semantics, psychographics, sales objections and even desires, fears, roadblocks, suspicions, failures, mistakes and even your product’s emotion hooks and what keeps them awake in the night.

Plus, CrawlQ studies search intent too, so the AI’s behavioral analytics make sure you address users’ specific pain points in your copy.

Delve deeper into market research by identifying sub-niches and micro-niches and ideal prospects overview.

Once you’ve got insights on your market niche, the ATHENA, the internal AI Engine of CrawlQ will work automatically for you. Now.it’s time to tap into CrawlQ’s superpower: Content Automation.

You’ll be able to generate 100% unique, high-quality content that speaks to your audience directly.

The result? Engaging content that your audience will love—and eventually outsmart the competition.

Write Me Athena: Let CrawlQ’s AI engine do the magic to connect all your Market Research to your Niche content

Effortlessly generate highly engaging content using the AI Content Writer!

CrawlQ has you covered for any content writing needs with a selection of tools.

Use the Sales CopyWriter to write sales content, Text Re-Writer to write or repurpose blogs, or Text Summarizer to create social media snippets out of longer-form content.

You can get all of your sales letters, scripts, webinars, email autoresponders, or copy of landing pages, generated quickly and effectively, without having to hire a copywriter.

Not to mention that the advanced text editor makes it easy to compose and finalize your drafts, then save as a PDF, or MS Doc. 

Create engaging sales letters, video scripts, webinars, headlines, landing pages, and email copies.

Your struggle to write the perfect marketing copy feels just like the first half of Limitless. (“Bradley Cooper struggles with writing, too? Stars really are just like us!”)

CrawlQ takes the pressure out of making content by automatically researching your target audience and reeling them in with compelling writing.

Run, don’t crawl, to this AI powerhouse that’s sure to up your content writing game.

How to get help and support?

  • 3500+ customers have already subscribed and got their desired business objective. So what are you waiting for? Hurry Up! Get CrawQ now! 
  • The first thing you want to do if you have a quick question is to post it in Live Chat Support. You can post a question in Live Support. I will personally, or one of my core team members will answer your questions personally.
  • Then you can book Webinars 3 times a week with us. I will answer the questions, and also, we will do hands-on sessions, live sessions to get acquainted with the workflow, demo use cases, and functioning of the CrawlQ software.
  • You can email and copy your question over to support@quantamixsolutions.com. Often, we can only solve the problem right away, and you don’t even have to wait until you’re one-on-one. Okay?

What are the key skills that you will learn using CrawlQ?

  • Foremost you’re going to learn how to create your buyer persona? How to know your target audience like your mom-and-pop without never speaking in the language they fail to understand.
  • You will also learn many copywriting frameworks and principles. So you’re going to learn how to sell and get engagements with written words. Okay? You’re going to learn how to use AI to write and convey your message. The Market Research and Resonance section is the foundation of CrawlQ to train and teach ATHENA to provide you the best value.
  • Then we’re going to get into content automation. You will create different blog posts, sales letters, landing pages, webinars, videos, and email content based on the same copywriting formulas as used by popular Copywriters who generate $1m sales funnels. Okay? You will build content funnels to test your hypothesis as fast as possible. That is the testing framework we are going to set up for growth hacks.

CrawlQ Is an UNBELIEVABLE Bargain!

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