Why Creating Buyer Personas Is Essential To A Successful Marketing Strategy

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Creating a buyer persona is essential to any successful marketing strategy. A buyer persona is a detailed description of the ideal customer for your product or service. It helps you understand who you are targeting and how best to reach them. By understanding the needs, wants, and pain points of your target audience, you can create content that resonates with them and drives conversions. In this article, we will discuss how to create a buyer persona that will help you craft a successful marketing strategy.

Whether you’re an individual, or a part of a marketing company, working on a marketing strategy requires considering many elements. However, none of it will hit the target if you are unsure who your ideal customer is. Sending fewer emails to the right customers is worth more than hundreds of cold emails sent out at random.

To do this successfully, you need to create buyer personas to know who is buying or is most likely to buy from you. Let’s dive right in to determine what a buyer persona is and why it is essential for a successful marketing strategy.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona refers to a general representation of your target audience or market. This helps you determine who buys your products or hires your services and who is the decision-maker. Think of a buyer persona as a character embodying the typical traits of a person who buys from your company.
You have to be as precise as you can and create multiple buyer personas. This may include creating buyer personas based on demographics, motivations, goals, and lifestyle.

How Buyer personas Help Create Successful Marketing Strategy

Here are five reasons why creating buyer personas can help your marketing plan to succeed.

  1. Identifying the Needs of Your CustomerAs you evaluate your ideal customer’s challenges, objections, and goals, you start to understand what your target audience is looking for. This allows you to narrow down the answer and information your leads hope to find when buying or hiring a service.Understanding your buyer’s motivators can help you design a marketing plan to answer their concerns and entice them into entering your sales funnel. Hence, you will start developing marketing materials that strike a chord with your ideal customers.You can start by asking yourself, ‘What can we offer the customers that will entice them to buy from us?’ You may also be able to identify a gap in the market and customize your products or services to gain a competitive edge over others.
  2. Understanding Buyer’s DecisionsUnderstanding how your ideal customer goes about buying something will help you understand when and where to get them.For instance, maybe your buyer persona does 90 per cent of their online shopping searches before contacting you. You can use this information to create promotional material available online on the website, social media, etc. This way, you can educate the customers about the product they are looking for and encourage them to buy without sounding too sales.
  3. Behavioural InsightsWhile creating your buyer persona, you will learn where your ideal customers spend most of their time online or in the real world. This behavioural pattern will allow you to pinpoint the platforms you must use to promote and market your products and services.You will also learn about the type of content you need to produce and the mediums you must use for marketing. According to research, behaviorally targeted ads are 2x more effective than generic ads.For instance, if your ideal customer is a teenager or a young adult, you are more likely to find them online on Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram. Therefore, creating a fun, unique, and short video message would be an appropriate piece of marketing strategy to get their attention.

    Similarly, if you are a software company offering solutions for businesses, your buyer persona may be a specific type of IT professional. In this case, LinkedIn is likely to be a more suitable platform to market your product or service. Furthermore, knowing the specificity of your buyer persona will help you understand who within a company’s hierarchy you need to promote the benefits to.

    So, if your top buyer persona is an IT manager, promoting your product to IT managers on LinkedIn will be more productive than promoting it to every manager on the platform. The latter will be a waste of time and money.

  4. Cost-EfficiencyIn addition to the last point, knowing where to promote your products and services and to whom will save you an exponential amount. Remember that most online marketing and ad campaigns charge a per-click rate.This means that every time someone clicks on your ad, the social media or ad promotion website will charge you a fee. Therefore, promoting it to the precise audience based on buyer persona will be more cost-effective than putting it in front of a generic audience. The last thing you want is to rack up charges by creating an ad that many people click on, but only a scarce amount convert from.
  5. Segmented Email MarketingEmail marketing is mostly free but still requires time and energy. Creating a buyer persona will help your email marketing campaign target specific users. You can even create several lists based on each buyer persona and send out personalized messages to each group about products relevant to their interests.This is called audience segmentation, and it is beneficial in two ways: First, it makes audience members feel like you thought about them, rather than sending them the same generic, spam-like message you sent to hundreds or thousands of others. Second, it allows you to market specific products to people who solve their specific problems. The more quickly you can present customers with a tailored solution to their issue, the more likely they will click through to get what they need instead of clicking away because of too many options.


A buyer persona is a research-based profile that defines your ideal customer. Knowing your customer’s needs and wants helps integrate essential aspects into your marketing strategy to attract your ideal customers into buying. Therefore, creating buyer personas is genuinely beneficial for a marketing strategy’s success. You will see how much more streamlined your process becomes when you integrate this specific, beneficial component into your company’s strategy.

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