CrawlQ Changelogs

CrawlQ Product Updates 2022 Changelog

Name Date Description Released
Improvement in Results for Sales Copywriting. 26th May, 2021 Generated results are now more aligned to what user fills in the market research section. Yes
Improved UX of Sales Copywriting 26th May, 2021 User confused with which scripts to select from sales copywriting can now easily select the desired script. With easier names and images users can now easily relate to which script to select. Yes
Added option to generate answer for each field in sales copywriting input field 31st May, 2021 Users will now we able to generate answer to only one question after they click on Fill WIth AI button. They can change the answer if they don’t think output is relevant. Yes
New Editor for Users in Ai content writer. 31st May, 2021 Editor is now more user friendly, with some premium features enabled Yes
Question generation from Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 7th Jun, 2021 AI Content Writer Simplified. Users don’t have to go through each paragraphs to understand the context. They can simply generate questions to understand about the paragraph. Yes
Admin can see projects of their added users 7th Jun, 2021 Admins who added team members can now access their projects. Admins can see the progress, or data saved by their team members. Yes
User Notes on Insights 11th Jun, 2021 Users can now see their saved Market Research Insights and their own notes to them in Notes Section available from the left navigation bar. They can edit it and use it as as an extensive content brief. Yes
Answers to Question generated from Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 18th Jun, 2021 Users can now generate answer from the questions generated from Google Search Engine REsults Page. Users don’t have to go through each paragraphs to understand the context. They can simply generate questions and now also answers based on their market research. This is 100% plagiarism free method to consume your competitor’s content. Yes
Notes improved 18th Jun, 2021 Users can now style there insights and save them. These styled insights will help them to be used directly for their posts. Yes
UI Update for Market Research 19th Jul, 2021 New UI for Market Research makes it easier for users to work with better user experience Yes
New Feature – Headlines Intros 19th Jul, 2021 Users can now generate headlines and intros for there blog with a single click Yes
Save functionality in AI Content Writer 19th Jul, 2021 Users can now save there work easily, so that they can work with their saved document in future. Yes
New distraction free editor for AI Content Writer 27th Jul, 2021 We revamped the complete Ui to make sure that it fits the users experience Yes
New Feature – New search bar inside editor 5th Aug, 2021 Users can now search for new query inside the ai content writer app. Yes
Insights updated 3rd Sep, 2021 Insights are now more insightful. Users can now create valuable insights for their FRED and understand them in a better way. Discover your FRED with more detailed insights. Insights are great way of understanding your niche’s semantics, psychographics, activity etc. Yes
User flow revamped 3rd Sep, 2021 Few bug fixes were made to ensure a good user flow. Yes
Save Option in Sales Copywriter 3rd Sep, 2021 Welcome to the hassle free scripts creation. Users can now save there scripts and use them whenever they want in future. Create a script save it, and refer it back anytime in future. Yes
UI Improvements 10th Sep, 2021 With the new editor, you can now create content with 5x speed. We have made the editor cleaner and more handy so that you create content with ease. Yes
New Feature – Write Me Athena 10th Sep, 2021 Write me Athena generates results that are more target specific, helping users create unique content Yes
Outline Improvements 10th Sep, 2021 New version of outlines focus more on the market research data you have filled. Outlines are now more better, and unique. Yes
New Feature – Cloning demo workspaces 10th Sep, 2021 Users can now easily replicate the workspace from Demo workspace. Yes
New Feature – News 17th Sep, 2021 Users will now be able to search for the latest news and frame their content better. Staying focused on the latest news comes with the advantage of better content ideas, give reader resources for further readings and create external links to provide news signals to search engines. Yes
New Feature – Ask Athena 17th Sep, 2021 Athena now as a instruct mode. Just write instructions in plain language and let Athena do the rest. Try out this example: “10 Tips to save money while traveling” Yes
New Feature – Templates Added 17th Sep, 2021 We have added multiple templates that help you boost your content creation. These templates are highly optimised for the SEO pillar and cluster posts among other copywriting and SEO blueprints. Yes
New Feature – In-app purchase 27th Sep, 2021 Now users can buy extra credits, incase they have got less or no credits. This will help to create documents and insights without running out of the AI generation credits. Yes
Monthly Payments 5th Oct, 2021 Users can now sign up for different monthly plans revamped after AppSumo launch. Yes
Market research insights 5 th Oct, 2021 Users will not lose the previous insights on creating new ones. The new ones would be append on top of the previous text. Yes
Long Form Outline generation 5th Oct, 2021 The outlines are more longform now, each and every headlines are now followed by a explanatory text. Yes
New Feature – Market research score 5th Oct, 2021 The market research score helps users to measure how close their content from their market research. A score higher than 60% indicates good coverage of your market research. Yes
Improvement in UX 12th Oct, 2021 Users will see a better workflow giving them a clear idea on working with CrawlQ. Steps to fill market research questions have been simplified Yes
Improvements in Outline 12th Oct, 2021 Long form content generation has been improved with better results in terms of quality. Yes
New Feature – Cloning of workspace 12th Oct, 2021 Forget the hassle of copy pasting things from one workspace to another. Simply click the button and we create a duplicate workspace with all data copied into the new one. Yes
New Feature – Captivating Captions 20th Oct, 2021 Improve your CTR with killer headlines which is sure to catch attention of your FRED. Yes
New Feature – Content Coach 20th Oct, 2021 Ideas to improve your content for FRED Yes
New Feature – Modes inside Content writer 27th Oct, 2021 Ever thought of making your output specific to Google or your own market research. This new features enables users to select modes that generates output specific to Google Search Results, your own Market Research, Sales or Insights data. Yes
New Feature – Text Summarizer 27th Oct, 2021 Users can now summarize there text into short informative text, helping them shorten big chunk of text into summaries. Yes
UX improvements 27th Oct, 2021 UX has been made easy, users won’t be overwhelmed by all the categories. We have divided them into levels which makes easy navigation for users. Yes
Text Summarizer Limit Increased 2nd Nov, 2021 Now user can provide more detailed text to the summarizer. Yes
New Feature – Market tab added inside the Editor. 2nd Nov, 2021 Now users will be able to see their Market Research QnA and Insights both while creating content Yes
New Feature -Language Support 6th Dec, 2021 In a major upgrade, language support added for all major languages added. Yes
UI Change 10th Dec, 2021 Overhaul of the Create Workspace page. New and upgraded. Yes
Market Research Insights longform 10th Dec, 2021 Added longform to Market Research-insights. Now they will be longer and more insightful Yes
Dashboard 10th Dec, 2021 Now users can see the main topic of interest in the dashboard beside the Search-Intent option Yes
Train Athena 10th Dec, 2021
Training Athena is now more quick and easy. After completing Level-1 of Market Research, click on the newly added Train Athena button to directly go to dashboard and start training
Signup and Pricing page 10th Dec, 2021
New design of the signup page. Update the plans and pricing page. Now users can buy crawlq plans from inside the app
Writeme athena 10th Dec, 2021
Removed new line addition in write me athena text completion. Now new text will appended to the existing text with a space
Content Outline 17th Dec, 2021 Outline improved. New formatting added. Yes
Copy Demo Workspace 27th Dec, 2021
When copying/purchasing a workplace from marketplace blogs, scripts and trained Athena file will also be added after the purchase
New Feature – Search and Sort 27th Dec, 2021 New functionalities added.
~Now users can search the name of the workspace
~Users can sort the list of the workspaces by name/creation-data/language/price/purchased-date
~Users can autofill the workspace name and domain name by clicking right arrow button from keyboard
UI UX upgrade of Market Research Inputs 27th Dec, 2021 Improved the UI for more clarity of helper text in the Market Research page while filling answers Yes
Preview of Marketplace Persona Workspace 27th Dec, 2021
Users will now be able to see a preview of the Persona Workspaces in the marketplace before adding them to their own list.
Market Research Insights “Gold Digging” 27th Dec, 2021 Major improvement in quality using multiple iteration till certain Algorithmic KPIs are met. Yes
Marketplace of Persona Workspaces 27th Dec, 2021
Major new feature – User can now buy and sell workspaces from our Marketplace. Some workspaces are free while users will be able to buy other workspaces. Selling workspaces feature will soon be available.
Price Drop for Entry Plan 27th Dec, 2021 Reduced the price for entry level plan from $39 to $19.95 Yes
Market Research Simplified 27th Dec, 2021
Now Level-1 Market Research will be autofilled by our AI if user answers some minimum basic questions on the onboarding page
Market Research Insights Autosave 28th Dec, 2021 Now Market Research-insights will be autosaved after generation Yes
Bug Resolved 28th Dec, 2021 Agency plan users will not see Credits Over message now Yes



CrawlQ Product Updates 2021 Changelog


Feature Date Link Description
Upgrade/Cancel plan 03rd Jan, 2022 Users can now Upgrade or Cancel their plans from inside the app.
Market Tab in Editor 03rd Jan, 2022 Users can now see their market research data in the editor for all categories even if they are not 100% filled.
Blogs and Scripts 03rd Jan, 2022 Users can now use same name for a blog and a script
NEW UI- Login page 03rd Jan, 2022 The login page has a complete new design. Its more user friendly and distraction free.
SERP 03rd Jan, 2022 The SERP data is now fetched faster
Verify User 07th Jan, 2022 Users will have to verify their email and purchase a plan to use the app
AI Content and Sales Editor 07th Jan, 2022 Users can collapse or expand the content research tools section in the editor. This makes creating blogs and sales letter even more distraction free and the blogs/sales will appear in full page of the editor.
Sales Copywriting and Train Athena URL 07th Jan, 2022 Entry plan users will not be able to use Sales Copywriting and Train Athena URL untill they upgrade to higher plans and Basic plan users will not be able to user Sales Copywriting untill they upgrade to higher plans
Login page 07th Jan, 2022 Added eye button and Forgot password in login page
Athena Training 07th Jan, 2022 Users can now see a mesaage in CrawlQ Search if their workspace has never been trained
Athena Improvements 07th Jan, 2022 We are now using a new and better model to train Athena and better techniques for Search operation to make it faster and more accurate.