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How to work best with the clients using CrawlQ?

You need to define the Niche to get the best results.
So we introduced a few steps process which will help you understand the client's niche and to create a profile in CrawlQ for creating content.

If you have more than one client you need to follow this easy process to get the best results.

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Having a fair idea of the industry ? Find out how CrawlQ can help you.

You Have a fair idea of the industry that will help you prepare better for the future.

In this video, we explain to you how our tool helps you work this idea and make it an unbeatable first step for your Business.

See how CrawlQ let you explore endless possibilities

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A simple and effective strategy for a research using CrawlQ

Follow this video so you can learn the steps for successful research using CrawlQ.

Do you already know your targeted niche? Let CrawlQ help you conduct market research and generate highly personalized insights, stories, questions, and answers.

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Quickly !! Learn the final step on how you can complete your task with CrawlQ

You have your profile built out and you wanna save what you have worked on? This video will give you a quick answer on how to do so.

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Make your research great by training our AI assistant ATHENA !

Once you’ve got insights on your market niche, the ATHENA, the internal AI Engine of CrawlQ, will work automatically for you.

Train ATHENA for better results. Learn how to do so in this video

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Add more ideas to the research and train ATHENA … See what could happen

You can always add ideas and train ATHENA for better content creation.
Just follow this video and you will get the simple steps on how you can add more ideas for your research on CrawlQ.

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Find out the UNIQUE and high-quality content with CrawlQ

With no single doubt, with CrawlQ you will be able to generate 100% unique, high-quality content that speaks to your audience directly.

In this video, Harish gives an idea about the uniqueness of the created content.

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How to use "Discovery Call" to come up with seed inputs to CrawlQ ?

Have you heard of "Discovery Call" salespeople use to qualify their prospects? Use the same tactics to ask some basic questions to yourself or your clients to come up with seed inputs to CrawlQ.

Take it easy!!

Think of talking to your best friend FRED on a coffee date, and asking your main questions.

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Can we invent unique content? Find out how CrawlQ helps you !

What is the meaning of unique content online? Can we invent unique content?
How do you manage your expectation?
How do you verify and ensure that content is unique to my research?
How does CrawlQ's Athena ensure plagiarism-free unique content?
Check out different writing modes. How you can control Athena to produce generic vs specific content?

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How to find "Niche Within Niche" & narrow down from broad market?

Chasing a broad market is the biggest mistake.

Find out how to narrow down your market.
How to teach AI a business idea and audience concept together to trigger powerful insights while you narrow down your market.

Find steps and follow the process to get more accurate and factual results.

See also how MarketPlace is organized and how it can save you time and get more done faster.

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Wondering how "Insights & URLs" helps teach Athena FACTS? Check this video !

I don't get these does this feed into Athena's training? Is this summary or extra into Athena.

Insights are an expansion on the seed inputs that you provide at the beginning of your research.

You only answer 8-9 questions and based on these seed inputs, Athena first answers almost 55 critical questions about your audience.

Insights are then actually expanding your initial inputs. This is creating knowledge from knowledge, expanding on your initial seed idea.

You can edit the insights. These are sources of the Golden Truth. Depending on your Niche and a specific topic you pick up, you need to ensure that insight are factually correct.

Also check out in this video, what is the purpose of using a website address.

How to add URLs into Athena training to create more factual content?

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Check out the end-to-end process of Authority Pillar Blog Post Creation.

What is the concept behind pillar and cluster posts? How can you implement this idea using the CrawlQ-HubSpot pillar post template?
You will see in action a long pillar blog post creation of 2776 words.
This is the most extensive single-click blog post generation based on a pre-defined high converting structure suggested by HubSpot.

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Training Athena means creating Google like Niche Custom Search Engine. See more !

Athena is a smart AI assistant and a semantic search engine that understands the meaning of words.
Athena builds on top of your Niche research and collects all semantic, demographic, and psychographic data based on search intent defined by a "Main Topic of Interest".
This helps Athena to build a layer of information with deep intent and combine this information with your niche research. Results, Athena builds extensive deep information on your ideal buyer persona.
Later on, during content creation, you will notice that you will be called "Write Me Athena" or "Ask Me Athena" for pulling this information among other tools inside the editor.
Also, you will notice that you can just copy a MarketPlace workspace e.g., in this video, we show how you can simply leverage MarketPlace workspace "Dog Walking". Athena is pre-trained besides a DFY demo blog content which you can just start expanding and editing.

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Learn how to extend your idea with Spying Wizard and Search Intent Discovery.

The old way is to Google and immediately resort to keywords tools.
However, you need to start discovering first who is your audience their pain points, roadblocks, desires, suspicions before you jump on keywords, or else your approach will be flawed and superficial.
CrawlQ presents you with Spying Wizard and Search Intent tools to dig deeper into your audience, narrow down the path and bring information to your research or improve existing information.
Another quick way is to start from MarketPlace where curated and well-defined niche blueprints are ready and DFY to be copied. There are free and paid templates. The marketPlace is built o top with in-depth research drawing experts from psychology to marketing to copywriting. A DFY service is also available from the app where you just need to provide basic inputs and the team will prepare a custom engine for you.

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How to start with fresh idea and zero knowledge on it? We have the answer !

If you have an idea and know one person whom you can talk about this idea, then you have a perfect start with CrawlQ. Just feed your thoughts. No matter how innovative and stupid they are. When you build upon your workspace and generate insights, it will pull back a ridiculous amount of insights you have not ever imagined and of course, some part of will be rubbish but Gold is inside "details". Use your hunch feeling and expertise to dig the Gold out.

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Find out how CrawlQ can make your Business idea more interesting !

You have a business idea that you want to make work at its best. CrawlQ is here to help you!

In this video, we have an example of a program created to help small businesses that are trying to get their businesses up and running. Our tool can help you identify your targeted niche and go through the next steps smoothly.
All you have to do is just provide a high-level hunch feeling based on what you already know about your market and product. Just answer the initial 10 basic questions or pick up an existing similar persona workspace from the marketplace list.
Generate insights and keeping them relevant is key … as when you train Athena after this it adds layers of knowledge to Athena in a curated and specific way.
This is where you going to learn more and teach more to Athena.

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Who is FRED ? Identify your Market and Find your own FRED !

Who is FRED?
You might be asking yourself who is FRED? How could he help me? How can I find my own FRED?

FRED is an acronym for a person that you know in your industry, work... this person has Fears, he wants Results and has Expectations and Desires!
Identify your FRED so you can get your right audience! It's so simple: the process is the same, with different nominations!

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What is the best filter to choose to get to your content goal ? We have the answer !

During the process of content creation in CrawlQ, several filters could be applied to make your content more specific and suit the best your main goal of this creation.
Before making your choice, you should first answer these questions: what's the goal of this article? Is this article going to be published on Social Media?
Find out the answer to all these questions and more on this video!

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Measure ROI and update your niche research with CrawlQ.

You wanna create the best blog? Did you miss out on some ideas that might help you get to that? You can always add your ideas to the editor and use the write me ATHENA button.

Just follow this video and you will get the simple steps on how you can extend your research on CrawlQ.

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How Athena connect dots between your research and content? Check out the answer !

Wondering how Athena connects the dots between your niche market research and the content you create?

This video demonstrates this connection with an example "top desire" vs "Single Big Desire".

What are knowledge graphs and semantic graphs? What is a connection with Athena?

How research and content are separated in CrawlQ?

Why it is important to separate these two?

How this approach is very deep compared to the keywords-based only approach?

How this semantic connection is important to build topic authority?

Can I check my competitor's NLP entities inside the app?

"Power Up" Athena training is connected with "Write Me Athen", "Ask Me Athena and other tools inside the editor.

These powerful semantic connections help to generate semantic graphs and topic authority.

Results: Athena is able to combine the best of the world from Google entities data, your own Business Domain inputs, and the semantic connection between the two.

Benefit: With generated content, you can establish laser-sharp messaging to your specific audience and showcase your topic authority in the field of your domain knowledge.

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Find out how to preview Market Place templates

Are you finding it difficult to make a decision on which Market Place template to pick up and what is close to your business idea?

You can preview the information relating to Niche, Ideal Prospect Overview, Main Topic of Interest, Single Big Result, and Single Big Question. Check the little hidden preview button.

This information is quite good to assess the content of the Market Place.

BONUS: What is LEVEL 2 Market Research and when to activate this?

Video in action with real questions...

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Write Me Athena vs Ask Me Athena

Ask Me Athena: When you have specific instructions in terms of why what, how, 8 ways.., 5 things...list 4 items...this helps to give you a very structured output.

Write Me Athena: Now using Write Me Athena you can expand on this bulleted list of items to paragraphs for each.

Depending on the context and question, you also get paragraphs sometimes from Ask Me Athena. This little bit depends on how specific you write the instructions. (specific here means clear and short question).

Watch this tutorial video for a live example.

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Pillar and Topic Clusters: Learn how to implement with CrawlQ.

CrawlQ's Athena understands the meaning of words.

If you train Athena with a specific Niche idea and a "Main Topic of Interest" e.g., Health workers who need support with emotional intelligence. In this example, our niche is a health worker and the main topic is related to emotional intelligence.

Now you train Athena with this main topic of interest "emotional intelligence"

But later on, you can use a connected topic with emotional intelligence. For example, you can use any of these topics to write your blog.
Emotional awareness.
Interpersonal relationships.
Stress tolerance.
Impulse control.
Reality testing.
This is how CrawlQ will help you to create a "pillar post" on emotional intelligence for health workers and then you can target connected topics to create clusters in the content writer.

Your topic clusters will be automatically implemented using this approach by CrawlQ.

Watch more details in this video.

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How often you need to train Athena ? get your answer here !

Should I re-train Athena? In what cases does it make sense to train Athena again?

Did you miss some details on your research? And made a significant update? You should get back to Athena and do some retraining!

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Find out what's in the Marketplace of CrawlQ !

You might be wondering what does CrawlQ's Marketplace has? What's the use of it?
The marketplace of CrawlQ is the main place where you can find templates, you can find free resources and paid resources (that you can preview before buying) and you can buy three existing templates !! It is a time saver for you and ATHENA is already trained!
You can unlock the levels and continue your journey on CrawlQ.

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Follow the main steps of using CrawlQ starting with your business idea !!

You have your business idea, and you wanna make it work? You have targeted your main audience?

In this video, you can witness and follow the approach on how to make perfect research based on the business idea you have... You can define your Niche, Sub-niche, and also your Micro-niche, you can also select insights that could help you further on your research and afterward train Athena so you can finally create content.

Learn more by watching the illustrated case study in the video!

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Find out the power of CrawlQ's Athena... She can understand your language too !

Our internal AI Athena can communicate with CrawlQ users, this smart engine can understand the meaning of language.

The great news is: Athena can produce the same quality content in your language !!

You can choose your language and the country you want and Athena picks up the style accordingly! You can trust Athena with your language and you will definitely get the right results!

Watch this video and learn more about it!

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In which conditions do you want to regenerate Market Research Insights? Find out the answer !

Market Research Insights that you generate inside CrawlQ are based on your initial seed inputs. You can regenerate these insights.
These Insights are

a. Editable
b. Reproducible
c. Stackable

if you do pivot, make baseline changes in the main topic of interest.

a. Editable: You want to edit them to adapt them to speak your audience's language.

~~Actually, these insights are already full of content ideas, content outlines, facts, and insights you can instantly post on social media or use in combination with other tools to create quick content.

b. Reproducible: You can delete the existing version of the insights by selecting all, delete and save. So that null "empty" information is saved in the database. Now you can generate again. New insights are autosave.

~~This can be helpful if you purchased a marketplace workspace and now you want to update the research with your custom inputs.

c. Stackable: You can generate multiple instances of the insights and structure the information from other sources. For e.g., you can add content in the relevant categories from other sources.

~~In three different instances you can add a short LinkedIn Bio in "Ideal Prospect Overview" from one of your customers.

~~~~~~~You don't want to pollute your research with irrelevant details. Add details here in insights if necessary and make sense with your audience research.

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Train our AI Assistant Athena to get 100% niche-specific data ! Watch the video and follow the steps

Train our in-house AI Assistant Athena to get 100% niche-specific data for your content needs.
While creating CrawlQ, we have envisioned a ladder of three steps. After completing these steps, you will have awesome curated content available to be shared with your niche.
These steps are:
1- Market Research
2- Train Athena
3- Create Content

The Market Research data is beneficial for guiding Athena when you create content.
Your answers to Niche, Main topic of Interest, Single Big Desire, Single Big Problem, Single Big Problem-Solution, etc., help Athena understand and collect data on your target audience and their pain points. The sales copy will be highly specific and strongly appeal to your audience.

Also, you can train our AI on your data and make it your personal AI. Train Athena on the following :
- Market Research inputs
- Insights you have generated

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