CrawlQ vs Frase

Firstly kudos to the guys at Frase for creating a great AI writer. They have a lot of cool features that we don't offer.

We wanted to clarify that CrawlQ is not an AI writer.

We primarily combine high-quality market research and then create highly personalized content.

Here is just a comparison between CrawlQ and Frase and get a better understanding of what we are.


Starts at $44.99/Monthly

Starts at $39.99/Monthly

7-days Free Trial
No CC Required


SERP Analysis

Predictive Intelligence for Niche-driven research : Semantics, Psychographics

Search Query based on the outcome of this Google Search

Demographics of target market : Age, Gender

Search Intent : High converting funnel strategy

Generating automatic content briefs

Perfect Ideal Prospect Story

Copywriting templates


Automatic content briefs

First Draft Outline & Automated Blog Templates

Write for me tool expands upon what is already written

Two option : Write me Athena & Ask me Athena with AI assistant Athena

Unique insights into target audience with proven market copywriting frameworks

Continue writing about something that already was started

Athena expands upon your seed inputs to find topics, fears, desires and more

Plagiarism free

Plagiarism free


Different Topic Types

More than 60 copywriting templates with million dollar sales letter and copywriting formulas

Competitor Topic Analysis

SERP FAQ Generator : consume and leverage on competitor content for 100% plagiarism free copy

Optimizing Published Content via URL

Optimizing Published Content via 5 different URLs y Athena

Frase CrawlQ

Comes with three plans

  • Basic at $44.9/month
  • Team at $114.9/month

Comes with three plans

  • Entry at $39.99/month
  • Basic at $79/month
  • Advance at $149/month

Custom enterprise plan

Custom enterprise plan