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You're the kind of person that can tackle any task when it comes to running your business except writing engaging blog posts and product copy. It is not like you haven't tried or even lied to your boss but writing powerful insights and stories aren't your things (Maybe now you are swatting on your computer screen trying to mouth out words for your next product launch).
So what do you do if you don't know how to hit the nerves of your target audience.

You use CrawlQ!

Research your target market and generate personalized copy using AI-powered content creation
When you’re trying to write riveting copy, nothing’s scarier than a blank page staring back at you. (“Five hours later, I've written the word 'The' in a very fancy font.”)
Plus, great copy is more than just the right words—you’ve also got to make sure you’re speaking to the right audience.
Imagine an advanced AI powerhouse that researches your audience and automatically writes awesome content that’s specifically catered to them.

Say hello to CrawlQ.

  • Research your target audience and generate highly personalized insights, stories, questions, and answers
  • Use advanced AI to create niche-targeted content to increase leads, community engagement, retention, and conversions
  • Alternative to: MarketMuse
  • Best for: Product design engineers, CTOs, and marketers looking to identify ideal customers and create tailored content

CrawlQ is an advanced, AI-driven market research tool and content creator that generates highly personalized, targeted copy for better conversions.

  • CrawlQ helps you identify your target audience, conduct market research, and generate high-quality content that’s tailored towards your target Niche.

  • Sell before you build using CrawlQ’s AI-assisted Market Research tools for swift product-market fit and business idea validation. You can run as many target audience tests as possible.

  • CrawlQ will take you step by step through defining demographics and serving up with the copy that emotionally captivates your target audience.

Market Research

CrawlQ helps you get super specific in your research, too. In just minutes, you can delve further into sub-niche, micro-niche, and your ideal prospect story to resonate with your best target audience.
For example, a niche is music fans, a sub-niche is rock fans, and a micro-niche is fans of The Rolling Stones.
Take your analysis even deeper by defining niche semantics, psychographics, sales objections and even desires, fears, roadblocks, suspicions, failures, mistakes, and even your product’s emotional hooks and what keeps them awake in the night.

Also, CrawlQ studies search intent, so the AI’s behavioral analytics make sure you address users’ specific pain points in your copy.

Once you’ve got insights on your market niche, the ATHENA, the internal AI Engine of CrawlQ, will work automatically for you. Now. It’s time to tap into CrawlQ’s superpower: Content Automation.

You’ll be able to generate 100% unique, high-quality content that speaks to your audience directly.
The result? Engaging content that your audience will love—and eventually outsmart the competition.

AI-assisted Market Research to profile your buyer persona

Old WayOld ResultsNew WayNew Results
Create Survey, Questionnaire, InterviewsLess than 5% of research participants complete surveys.A new way is to use NLP algorithms to mine desires, dreams, roadblocks, suspicions, benefits to turn into compelling stories and engaging answers to your user’s questions comprehensivelyThis technique uses artificial intelligence (AI) language models and contextual search to identify relevant vocabulary around a particular Niche audience that relies on the context and Human-assisted AI to augment a deep understanding of your target market.
Hire expensive Market Research and Rating AgenciesRating is not influenced by target audience pain points or survey biases.Using semantic intelligence and Natural Language Generation helps you create content related to your audience's pain points.Create content that is target audience optimized around a particular Niche Vocabulary rather than the SEO keywords.
Creating content based on keywords without linking search intent, buyer persona, and niche-specific competitiveness->Poorly defined audiences and product profiles.
->Long time-to-market.
->Cost comes much higher than the goal.
Create a comprehensive content strategy aligned to your business goals to validate your idea, test your message, differentiate from competitors, and focus on insights, stories, and engaging answers to speak the voice of your customer Establish a robust product or service launch content funnel relevant to business niche, buyer persona, and conversion goals maximizing the feedback loop from marketing to sales to product development.

Want to know more about crawlQ?

AI Content Creator

CrawlQ has you covered for any content writing needs with a selection of tools.
Use the Sales CopyWriter to write sales content, Text Re-Writer to write or repurpose blogs, or Text Summarizer to create social media snippets out of longer-form content.
You can get all of your sales letters, scripts, webinars, email autoresponders, or copies of landing pages generated quickly and effectively without hiring a copywriter.

Not to mention that the advanced text editor makes it easy to compose and finalize your drafts, then save them as a PDF or MS Doc.

Your struggle to write the perfect marketing copy feels just like the first half of Limitless. (“Bradley Cooper struggles with writing, too? Stars really are just like us!”)
CrawlQ takes the pressure from making content by automatically researching your target audience and reeling them in with compelling writing.
Run, don’t crawl, to this AI powerhouse that’s sure to up your content writing game.
Get lifetime access to CrawlQ today!

AI-powered Copywriting

Old WayOld ResultsNew WayNew Results
Search Engine Optimization practice is seen independently of the Conversion Rate Optimization. Websites that are dull, static, and holds information and fail to convert traffic into paying customersBuild and install smart content funnels that convert and retain your customers. Track and monitor conversion KPIs based on top, middle, and bottom of the funnel metrics and custom conversion goals.Create a highly predictable, data-driven, automated content creation mechanism that can be scaled and cut your research and writing time by half.
Investing in content creation and driving organic traffic without a sales process, CRM, and supporting outbound prospecting automationIt takes a long time before you see results from organic traffic. Too much focus on traffic generation without first setting up the foundation for a solid sales process and conversion mechanism. Setup niche buyer persona profiles and create data-driven insights into your target audience's pain points, desires, and roadblocks. Use these insights to develop compelling stores and engaging answers using AI Content CreatorGive your content 5x more ROI, investing more time and effort in audience research and conversion optimization than SEO-driven content creation. Bring Right Traffic in Right Way to get Right Results
Resorting to paid traffic assuming organic traffic is hard to scale, time-consuming, and slow to set upCustomer Acquisition Cost is too high without a solid foundation on market and message resonance, and conversion rates are too low.Automate content research with intelligent questions mapping to AI-generated insights and sales stories based on proven frameworks used by million-dollar copywritersTake charge of your content authority, build a strong connection with your audience. Save time, save money and save effort in finding your voice and write content copy that speaks to your ideal buyer personas

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