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I just added outlines translated to Spanish to my text and I saw an amazing bounce 1 week later in impressions, it is a highly targeted keyword about b2b wholesale workboots and workshoes in Mexico, I just received a call today from this webpage, so my close rate against visits looks cool, I will work more in content and enrich it with graphs, I have a lot of work but it really helped me to understand my market, totally worth it now!!!!

No software in the market dig deep like CrawlQ AI Content Automation. This software helps in creating the first draft. The product is not for people who want to create great content in 5 minutes…This solution is for people who want consistent results in the long term. But the big point of this product is its founder Harish Kumar, who is committed to improving the product by listening and applying our feedbacks. So let’s help him and help ourselves!

So I just started playing with this, and it’s fantastic. I just did the suspicions, and they were DEAD on!

Jennifer Anastansi
Brand and Marketing Strategist • Jennifer Anastasi, LLC

I had a call with the owner yesterday. This tool has masses of potential. I’ve been in digital marketing for about 20 years and have not seen anything as extensive. There are many AI content tools on the market that provide quick wins and instant content. This one is different. Take time to go through the videos and learn. As you won’t get content, you will pretty much get an entire content marketing strategy and brand identity kit.

Sam Broom
Digital Marketer

Other tools tell us what our audience is searching for, but CrawlQ tells us what our audience wants and when we know what it wants, we can write content according to it.
Donald trump applied this technique in the 2016 elections, and Cambridge Analytica used the same method to identify the audience’s pain points. Mr. Trump just hit hard on the pain points of the public, and Voila won the elections despite his eccentricities.

Zohaib Salman
Writer • Punjab Bar Council

Harish Kumar The quirks of the software aside – things not loading, etc… I just tried this today with the Dan Kennedy formula, and I am blown away by some of the stuff that the ai came up with (in the answers to the prompts). It created connections between the ideas I have been putting in and came up with its ideas, including a name for a concept I struggled to come up with and a 3/4 sentence paragraph that was just a bullseye.

Bhavesh Naik
Founder & Creative Director • Awayre, LLC

It is taking me some time to wrap my head around the power and potential of this tool. A big part of that is me, as I needed to upgrade some of my SEO and Persona knowledge and skillsets. Imho, I think this is well worth investing time to master this tool and workflow. I haven’t seen anything else like this in the market today.

Bernard Pitte
Sr. Sales & Training Manager •Thinking Capital

I’m now in the workflow with SEMRush + nichesss + Frase. As I see the limitations and generalizations and have very much developed personas avatars (know them how they breathe and what they think at 2 am), I’m on the fence to switch to CrawlQ.

Mihajlo Vucetic
Mindset Makeover Specialist • Hilow Method

All I can say is wow. This tool is Amazing. Copywriting and content for Awareness, engagement, subscription, sales. It’s already there if you know what to look for, But I would love to create copywriting and content campaigns for these on an individual level. Incorporating principles of breakthrough advertising inside this tool is already mind-blowing.

Chris Whitney
Digital Marketer

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