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Much more than your Average AI content writer

This is much more than the average AI writer. The Niche and Microniche really helps. I am in the field of Sports where this is extremely usefulA wonderful founder and a very useful FB group.Keep up the good work

Awesome Tool

The best app I bought on Appsumo and the most informative, helpful, and hard-working founded, always improving and keeping things moving forward.

Here is the power of knowing who you are talking to in your messaging.No one was singing up for my fiancé’s free online yoga class.I gave her a specific headline to use on FacebookOnce she stopped talking to everyone and found a single person with a specific desire or pain point15 people signed up for

Chris Whitney

I have learnt a lot in marketing / copywriting thanks to CrawlQ youtube videos. You should promote this contentThank you a lotI wish a bright future to Crawl Q and let us know if we can help

Diane La Mallette Biz

Wow, I got the sumo deal in May, and wasn’t quite excited about the features back then. I am exploring a new niche, but don’t yet have access to them coz of lack of clarity…. So I checked your software out again….I am blown away!!! You guys absolutely rock!!!I just got one quick question, maybe

Alexandra Pinegger Moravek

CrawlQ are the front runners for Open AI’s GPT3 API

CrawlQ AI is an exciting company and one for the future. Unlike other Content AI companies, they are looking to incorporate buyers persona into their technology.

As we say in this neck of the woods, “End of discussion!!!”.Brilliant!

Ade Atobatele

Kudos to the team for their hard work. I am so in love with the new UI. It’s so beautiful and clean.

Juster Pastillo

Wow I really needed a tool like that

It’s like the ultimate sandbox playground for all you marketing research. The tool basically guides you during your research to make sure you cover all aspects of marketing research. Definitely on of my top purchases on sumo

Constant improvement and updates

I am amazed at just how quickly this platform is developing. I use a lot of a.i. driven tools in my agency. This one stands out from all the others I use for my clients. CrawlQ goes way beyond just helping you write content and actually gets into creating the perfect customer avatar to market

I am creating a new product and so I needed to understand it more myself, by answering the market research part. This is one of the difficult to convey benefits of using Crawlq.WOW I was blown away at how much more intelligent its evolved! Its making smarter guesses now. I also dont mind its using

Rob Kanorsky

Excellent tool to get to know your target audience

This takes a bit of effort to set up, but nothing good is easy in this game.

Hi, how you doing I bought the Appsumo deal because I can see the awesome potential of the AI seo content strategy. Though not so much the content creation, but if it works great.Looking through the dashboard a couple of times it is overly complicated, sorry and desperately needs training videos.This is just an observation

John Whitlock

Much potential

Am absolutely overwhelmed. Both by the UI, but even more by the growth potential I see for this 😉Basically, it covers all aspects, including market research, competitors, content generation etc. Yes, not everything is running that smoothly at this moment. I hope this stems from the fact that this is still a work in progress.

Kudos to the team for their hard work. I am so in love with the new UI. It’s so beautiful and clean. Looking forward to more updates.

Juster Pastillo

I had a call yesterday with Harish Kumar, we started from the niche selection to content creation including both sales copy and blog content creation.Sure the product needs some improvements, but no software in the market dig deep like CrawlQ AI Content Automation.The software as it is now is useful for creating the first the

Achraf Labied

The one app you do not want to miss

This is an innovative approach to content writing and one of the unique features is the psychographics.. It is absolutely phenomenal. Finally something really innovative 🤓

I had a great one to one online session with Harish Kumar on how to use Crawl Q. Harish patiently demonstrated some important modules and features of CrawlQ in an hour. I now understand how powerful this tool can be if its used correctly.I am still learning to use it. This is vast tool but

A Ashtekar

Don’t miss this

At first I was very confused by this tool, but over the past few months they have made tons of improvements and now it is quite the time saver.Do not miss out on this! With the speed of how quickly they improve the software I expect this tool to have an amazing future

Nice for b2b Sales and content creation

This is a nice software for content generation and suggestions on a high targeted niche, you will spend a lot of time learning how to use this property but is going to give you amazing results

Using CrawlQ for this very process for a new venture which conceptually is very exciting for me.I’m seeking a niche within a niche that will happy to pay for what I offer. This is where CrawlQ will shine by allowing me to hone in on a persona and focused messages.

Phil Trainer

Train an AI to write copy for you!

Blown away by the potential of this software! It isn’t the most user-friendly software, the setup process is rather long and it has a few bugs, BUT this is still one of the best purchases I have ever made on AppSumo. Under the hood, this software is incredible and it is on a different level

Great product for Content research and AI Writing

The product is awesome and is better than any other product in market with AI feature. The tool is updated regularly and has improved a lot from the time of launch in marketplace. Great to see this tool in Appsumo select. Best of luck to the team for this new Campaign.

Exceeded my expectations!

I got this early on. Despite some people’s advice to refund it (from the group I am in), I didn’t. Why? because I believed that the product has full potential. I saw a lot of improvements since the time I bought it to today. The founder did not disappoint my expectations at all. He passed

It is Different

I’ve seen a deluge of AI writing software these last several months. Nearly all of them offer to write for you. CrawlQ positions itself separate from the pack. It is designed to help you get a deeper, richer understanding of your prospective client or customer so you can position your product or service effectively as

Unlike any other AI Content Tool

When I first saw this I skipped over because I didn’t really believe an app could do what CrawlQ promised.It does what it says. It uses buyer personas which no other app I’ve seen or used does – and that is a game changer.It take a little bit to get started, but putting in some

I never thought a tool like this was possible

I was looking for a tool like this ever since! For someone who relies on customer personas for brand strategy and copywriting, this tool is a great saver! I just wish there were more limits to each code.After testing the tool just now with it’s market research capabilities, I can already see that this will

Amazing Customer Research Tool!

I couldn’t believe it when I heard about CrawlQ. Once I heard an LTD was available I came straight to AS to pick it up.I have so many ideas and I want to get to know my readers better so I can create a more engaging experience for them. Creating customer personas is the most

Very interesting

At first, I was skeptical about CrawlQ, but I soon changed my mind. Having tested the platform, I saw how it could help me with my market research. The insights that it provides are invaluable in helping you create products that solve real problems for your customers.I recommend it for the market research feature.

This is one potential tool that you must keep in your arsenal.

CrawlQ is a powerful tool that helps you do the in-depth market research (by in-depth, I mean as deep as it can be), understand your buyers intent when they look for keywords that you are targeting, check on competitors content to get an idea about what they are offering and then lets you use that

Rising AI research and content writing tool!

I have nichesss and contentbot, this crawlQ is kind of different as compared to other general AI content writing tools. Generally, this tool has some learning curve and it can be overwhelming at the beginning as it requires you to provide a lot more data compared to other AI content tools, but the outcome is

We speak about a game-changer

If you go to the wrong Buyer Persona you will not get the results you expect. If your Market Study is not good enough, you will not have a result.CrawIQ AI solves this task. The result is so spectacular that it is an essential tool.We speak about a game-changer. This offer’s a no-brainer.

The tool that I’ve been waiting for

I’m a B2B copywriter and the market research side of this product is the best that I’ve ever come across. I was looking for an app that could fine tune my writing to make my content more compelling. And the CrawlQ market research function helps me do that. Get this product if you want to

An amazing tool you didn’t think you needed until…

There have been tons of AI writing tools out there for quite a while and they all use GPT3 and they’re mostly focused on generating SEO content.CrawlQ takes a different approach. Instead of using AI to generate the content, CrawlQ uses AI to allow you to find who you’re looking for better and then use

Game Changer!!

CrawIQ, has reduced a ton of guesswork and help me find the right insights to fine-tune the working piece of content for the target buyer profiles and engage the target audience using semantics.This product above others is this is the first content automation tool I’ve come across that starts with buyer persona research. While making

I am a big fan of crawlq.ai..i use it for Market research for my personal finance blog..I was writing a blog & suddenly saw a new feature in the tool and clicked on it & magic happened.I never got got such relevant result for my niche with any other Ai writer .I always struggled for

Amazing AI tool

Since the beginning of this year I started testing GTP-3 writing tools. Crawlq was one of them. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of input you needed to fill in. But once I filled in the most necessary information, I got complete long form content based on my niche.But that was

Generates highly Personalized Content

I was looking for a way to automate my content production while making it more personalized. I found CrawlQ and it has been great! I can create different templates and the app will generate fresh content. It allows me to save time while maintaining high-quality content.With the rise of competition, it’s hard to keep up

Don’t miss this deal if you are a savvy marketer

I tried almost every AI stuff on the market. And they are all very useful.But Crawiq is totally different. Because it gives you something none does: deep dive understanding of user personas.It can help you get unbelievable insight on target fear, desire, suspicion, reasoning. It’s the sage mage that tells you who is the person

A Super Effective Advanced AI Writing Tool

This is not your ordinary AI writing tool. This is an advanced and super effective AI writing tool. Their Market Research and Resonance feature alone sets them far apart from the rest of the AI writing tools. Just 5% of Market Research and Resonance will already get you great outputs that is unique and tailor-made

so far, so good – a new slant on AI tools

I have used several AI tools over the past few months including Nichesss, Rytr, and Frase. I didn’t think I needed another, but was curious about CrawlQ after watching the video and seeing so many people talking about it.It’s definitely a unique spin on AI writers. It asks you A LOT about your market and

Crawls my heart nicely

I was looking for a tool to help me create content and I found CrawlQ. This tool is an advanced AI-based content creator that generates highly unique and personalized content for any audience. Now, I can create content that is 100% unique and optimized for my target audience, and my content will be read by

This certainly is not just another AI content writer. This is a quality tool that puts you ahead of most of the other AI tools in the market. Because it focuses on a very simple yet powerful strategic approach: your target group.With CrawlQ you act customer centric. You dig deep into the needs, wishes, pain

The most sophisticated AI Writer

This is no ordinary AI writer. This actually gets deep in the elements of a niche, and with that you can create precision and effective sales copy.Literally no other AI writer can do AI written Sales letters. Dont belive the hype, they cant do it.. Only Crawlq has that capability.Once you answer a decent portion

Powerful Sophisticated AI Writing Tool ✍️

This tool is not your average AI content writing tool.It is a very sophisticated, well developed tool that can create a quality content for a highly targeted audience.In order to accomplish this task, CrawlQ AI needs some idea who your target audience is.You can input the minimum amount data needed or you can provide a

A Game Changer

I am very skeptical when it comes to using tools but this software has completely changed my perspective.The impact the market research section has made is an experience that is unimaginable.I believe all those who want to achieve a heightened level of intelligence must consider investing in this lifetime deal which to me is a

Long-term Product!

I had a call yesterday with Harish Kumar, we started from the niche selection to content creation including both sales copy and blog content creation.Sure the product needs some improvements, but no software in the market dig deep like CrawlQ AI Content Automation.The software as it is now is useful for creating the first the

Very useful tool

Team from CrawIQ has been very active with engaging with customers. They take the time to answer questions and will help you to maximise this tools. It has so many features. I haven’t even touched the tip of what I am going to be able to do with this tool.I am excited to watch this

Know Your Market

What I found interesting in this app is that it goes deep into identifying your market research and resonance.This app focuses on this aspect in order for you to create content according to your market. You can skip the market research part and generate content in its content automation tab. But you’ll see some questions

Awesome Tool

First, let me begin by saying — Great work guys.I have been using this tool for over a week. Initially, I did find this app a bit tough but after using it for a few days, I have a hang of it. This app is a powerhouse.I have been using other AI-based apps which were

A Bit Overwhelming, but Very Impressive

I bought this a few days back and immediately jumped in… then almost immediately jumped out because there was so much to do it was overwhelming. However, I went back in and started messing with it more, and it’s really not as complicated as it seems after you get the hang of it. Overall I’m

One of the Best tool for ‘Creative’ content

When we start the entrepreneurial journey, there are ‘always and anyways’ many pain points and content is the most critical out of these. Being in B2B domain it is important to understand the buyer’s persona, competitors analysis and most importantly being able to create a strong sales pitch that further can help conveying the right

Probably the Best AI tool For marketers

I am trying many AI and GPT-3 tools for my marketing campaigns lately but I didn’t came across this much deeper and integrated tool until now.With proper setup at initial stage, it will really fast forward you to niche domination..If you are looking for Push Button kinda thing than maybe it’s not for you as

This is like hiring a $10k consultant for $79

I’ve only been through the market research phase of the software so far… But I’ve sold +$20k consulting packages for another company that didn’t come close to what I believe this software can deliver.I’m super pumped to use this to its full potential because I recently gained clarity on who my target market is. I

The next step forward in the AI marketing world

As a Marketing Consultant I am loving all the new tools we have to make digital marketing easier. With so many tools coming out it’s easy to get carried away with how amazing and fun AI can be.What really makes me happy to recommend this product above others is this is the first content automation

I wanted to share something which I felt will be of lot of value to all the people in the community.I recently was going through one of the most prestigious Lead Generation and Marketing course. The first chapter of the course was “Building the perfect buyer avatar”. It was also mentioned in the course that

Praveen Singh

Had a very productive session with Harish Kumar about creating your avatar and defining you niche. You know the software creator cares when they take time out to help. Just off what I saw I went back and started a new niche andWhat my avatar would call themselves, what are their interests, what keeps them up at night(this has been elusive for me) what they think about and things they say even their beliefs and how to niche down.Crawiq is a beast of a tool (a good thing) when it come to defining your niche and who you are talking to.It will also open up new hooks and angles you didn’t see because now you are using what your market actually says. Just give the software a good starting point with specific input and it will give you a whole marketing team of information lol.Haven’t scratched the surface with this tool yet but I am thankful and grateful.For this new understanding. Thanks .

Chris Whitney

Hi all, I am new to the group.I stacked CrawlQ some weeks ago on appsumo because I was/I am enthusiastic about the idea behind it: to base all strategy upon the target customer/buyer persona. That is exactly the approach I follow with my consulting firm for years. We consult our midsized clients in strategic marketing

Michael Wolf

Admittingly, when I first bought this tool, I was expecting an AI content writer and researcher. Similar to Frase or another content generator.I stopped using it for a while since I was time-constrained.However, after taking a deep dive into the product, I’m happy with my investment regardless of the current stage of development.If you are,

Gonzalo Belloso

So Ive been using every ai tool in the tool shed so to speak because I don’t have a marketing team. I recently bought this solution (crawliq) that generates content but it has a speciality: finding insights to your target customer.I’m so impressed!As I don’t have much clarity on who my target customer is for

Anima Net

Hi everyone… I spent about 90 minutes with Harish today as he explained his vision for the software and how it works.As a business consultant and former software company owner myself, as he was explaining, I kept thinking of the potential for his company.Here’s my take: 1. If you do not have an understanding of

Carol Wain