AI-Powered Audience Persona


Understanding your Audience Persona is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. You need to know who is the recipient of your message. This is the only way to create efficient communication. Knowing who you are talking to lets, you improve your product or services to satisfy your clients. CrawlQ Audience Persona is a revolutionary tool that helps you generate detailed audience personas in just seconds with the help of AI and advanced analytics. No more manual research, no more guesswork

Creating an audience persona is at the core of account-based marketing – an approach where the message is personalized to a targeted audience. The process of transforming leads into clients suddenly becomes much quicker and more effective.


What is an audience persona?

The CrawlQ Audience Persona feature, also called a customer persona, is a portrayal, a visualization of your client. It’s more specific than a target group that can be concluded as a large group with similar demographics and behavior patterns.

Don’t get me wrong, identifying your target group is crucial, but reducing it to just a bunch of statistics is easy. The audience persona reminds you about the human that you’re talking to.

You create a singular person based on the data and knowledge about your customers. You give them particular characteristics. You name them, give them interests, and sketch their socio-economic background. Visualize who they are, who they want to be, and how your product can help them fulfill their ambitions.

When you focus on this specific person, the model of your customer, as some might say, you get the chance to understand better what they think and how they feel. It provides you with a rare insight that can decide the success of your business.


Traditional audience persona

The process of creating an audience persona with the use of traditional methods is time-consuming and demanding. Conclusions are based on data collected through quantitative and qualitative research. You have to conduct interviews both individually and in focus groups.

It requires quite a budget. Considering that your audience persona needs to be updated and the whole process regularly repeated, the costs suddenly become even more significant.

There’s also the interpretation of the data and creating the actual audience persona. Unfortunately, it’s heavily guess-based and not bias-proof. There’s a risk that the persona you create will not be the most accurate and representative of your actual customers.


AI-powered audience persona

As I hopefully managed to demonstrate, audience persona is an essential marketing tool, but the traditional process of creating it is somewhat flawed. Luckily, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have come to help. Thanks to AI technology, you can create an audience persona much more quicker and at lower costs.

The data that you use traditionally is enriched by information coming from external sources. AI collects and analyzes data from social media, reviews, forums, online communities, and third-party websites. Using big data allows you to reach more accurate conclusions and look at your persona from a broader perspective.

AI-powered audience persona gives you a better understanding of your customer’s online behavior and access to their inexplicit attitudes.

The audience persona created with AI is also more fitted to rapidly changing markets. Better address their needs and requirements simply because it is based on a more current and significant data set.


Traditional vs. AI-powered audience persona – which one is better?

The answer to this question seems to be pretty obvious.

AI-Powered Audience Persona allows you to save time and money while having far superior analytical capacities than any human. The AI-powered creation of the audience persona is entirely data-driven. Traditional methods use data but also some speculation that inevitable errors, simplifications, and biases can influence.

When comparing those two methods, you have to think about the Zeitgeist. A large part of interactions between customers and businesses takes place online. Clients expect personalized offers and personalized communication, almost tailored to their needs.

AI allows you to be more precise with your decisions and recommendations. It operates in the same environment as your clients. The results come as more accurate.

Opponents of AI tend to highlight the risk of technology being unable to capture and fully understand the irrational side of human nature. The good news is that even when you use an AI-powered audience persona, you make the final decision. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. They always lead to the light.



Technology based on artificial intelligence gives you a chance to plan more effective and accurate marketing strategies. It allows you to understand your audience better and personalize how you communicate with them.

AI-Powered Audience Persona doesn’t lose its core qualities. It’s still human-centric, with the primary goal of better understanding customers’ thoughts, feelings, and motivations.

The main upgrade from traditional methods is that it’s based entirely on vast collections of data and free of guessing. It eliminates the flaws of the manual creation of an audience persona while adding the value of a broader, more complex perspective.



Monika Buchelt 

Monika Buchelt, a marketing specialist at WebWave, offers a free website builder for professionals and non-specialists. As a marketing specialist, she promotes WebWave on international markets. She is especially interested in business psychology.