CrawlQ vs Jasper

Firstly kudos to the guys at Jasper for creating a great AI writer. They have a lot of cool features that we don't offer.

We wanted to clarify that CrawlQ is not an AI writer.

We primarily combine high-quality market research and then create highly personalized content.

Here is just a comparison between CrawlQ and Jasper and get a better understanding of what we are.


Entry-level plan $29
(many gated features)

Entry Level Plan $39.99
(all features included)

$29 for just 20K words

$39.99 for 25K words of high-quality content

No free Trial but have 5 days 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

7 days free trial
No CC required


Manually decide the tone of content

Create highly personalized content

Jasper produces content on the basis of your query.

CrawlQ takes input about your audience & does in-depth market research that's why the content created is highly personalized and caters especially to your target audience.

Jasper doesn't have such functionality right now

CrawlQ's content resonates with your audience.

Jasper has features about selecting the tone of content like humor, formal, etc

CrawlQ doesn't have such functionality right now


Jasper for that matter doesn't deep dive into your inputs and create content your audience will love to read.

CrawlQ scans through the internet (not just 10 pages of Google), and dig into user-generated content on platforms like Reddit and Quora to find answers to questions your audience is searching and everything will be reflecting in the content that you create with CrawlQ.


Jasper doesn't have such functionality

CrawlQ has this superpower of crushing your opponent by learning facts and transfer-learning from your own seed inputs. Factual Data and Humanized AI is embedded in CrawlQ’s research and content strategy.
Just copy your competitors' website URLs and train our AI ATHENA. And BOOM!!
Your content will automatically be more factual and learn better than all your competitors. Because our AI has learned already from them, from you, and it's designed to outperform any existing content.