CrawlQ vs SparkToro

Firstly kudos to the guys at Spark Toro for creating an amazing Market research tool. It offers you a lot of insights about your audience and has some pretty cool functionalities.

We wanted to clarify that CrawlQ is not just a Market Research Tool, it's much more than a typical research tool.

We primarily combine high-quality market research and then create highly personalized content for Micro-Niche Marketing.

Here is just a comparison between CrawlQ and Spark Toro and get a better understanding of what we are.


Market research

Market research+content creation+copywriting+video script

Spark Toro is a market research tool aimed at providing insights into your audience.

CrawlQ not only do high-quality market research for you but also reflect the market research in the content we create

  • Niche demographics
  • Websites they visit
  • Activity on social media
  • Desires
  • Pain Points
  • Interests

Spark Toro presents to you quantitative data like Niche Demographics, hashtags used, and phrases

At CrawlQ, our algorithm focuses on your audience's desires, pain points, and interests.

CrawlQ's approach to market research helps you hit the Bull's Eye leading to more conversions and higher sales.


Search based results

In-depth buyer persona research

Market research is completely based on search terms.

CrawlQ takes inputs about your Ideal Customer and then do hyper-personalized market research. Deep dive and understand your audience and then research content catered to you.


Basic plan: $38
(Market research)

Entry plan: $39.99
(Market research+Content creation)

Free Trial

  • 5 searches/month
  • Sampling of results only
  • Single list
  • Social contact data
  • Single user
  • No CC Required

Free Trial

  • Access to all the premium features upto 7 days
  • No CC Required

No addition content writer for your research

CrawlQ you get high market research combined with super-effective content at just $39.99* a month.