How do we manage to stay #5 product of the day on Product Hunt?


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Product Hunt is one of the most popular platforms for launching products. We were excited to launch our product on Product Hunt and were thrilled when we made it into the top 5 Product of the Day. It was a great achievement and we are proud to share with you how we got there.

We knew that in order to make it into the top 5, we needed to have an effective launch strategy. So, we crafted a plan that included creating buzz before our launch, engaging with potential users on social media, and making sure our product was ready for launch day. With this strategy in place, we were able to get enough pre-launch traction that ultimately landed us in the top 5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt!

1.  Figure out what needs your target market has and find a solution that addresses them.
2. Create valuable content that speaks to the needs of your target market and promote it using the appropriate channels.

How to launch on Product Hunt successfully?

So, we took some time to research and understand what our users want. We used surveys, interviews, and other research methods to get feedback from our users.

After that, he started working on a set of improvements that will generate more positive feedback just before the launch.

So when we decided to launch our latest product on Product Hunt, we were very excited. We worked hard to create a great product and an awesome launch campaign. And we were confident that we would do well.

We aimed for the #1 product on the day of the Launch, but unfortunately, things did not go as we originally planned. Our product received a lot of Comments and traction and positive feedback but on the same day we got a competitor product and a few other products where we saw our ranking fluctuated from #1 to #7 and back to #4 and at the last moment we ended up #5.

Finally, we ended up ranked #5 on Product Hunt – a great achievement given the facts and lessons that emerged after we started more deep-dive into the dynamics and how the platform works.

In this article, we’ll share how we managed to stay at #5 despite our big fall, and what lessons we learned from the experience.

The importance of a great launch strategy:

Yes, a launch strategy is crucial and there is a lot available already online. But let me tell you what was not part of our strategy.

❌ 1. Without Influencer

❌ 2. Without any significant presence on Twitter, Reddit, Insta

❌ 3. Without reaching out to Hunters

❌ 4. Without hiring Upvote Agencies

❌ 5. Without hiring an expensive Video Maker

❌ 6. Without sending a single email out of my CRM Tool

❌ 7. Without product, launch copies get reviewed by copywriter

❌ 8. Without giving a single shoutout to my LinkedIn Network

❌ 9. Without spending a single dime on marketing

❌10. Without spending weeks in outreach campaigns

A great launch strategy is important for a number of reasons. First, it can help ensure that your product is successful in the marketplace. Second, it can help you to build buzz and excitement around your product before it launches. Finally, a well-executed launch strategy can help you to establish your brand and company in the minds of consumers. Our launch strategy was different.

How we managed to stay #5 despite missing all above

So, how did we manage to stay in the top 5 despite such a big fall?

The answer is simple: we had a strong product and strong loyal fan followers.

When we launched our product, we made sure to create a lot of buzz around it with our current users.

Our strategy was simple and with the following components…

Our upvotes, engagement quality, reviews, and comments are higher than products on #3 and #4 What made the big difference…for a successful launch 🚀

✅ 1. With a distinctive niche product solving a complex problem

✅ 2. With a compelling description that resonates with my audience

✅ 3. With a strong Facebook Group Community around the product

✅ 4. With a 10-day posting schedule prior to launch on Product Hunt

✅ 5. With a live in-time highly engaging responses to each comment

✅ 6. With a clear call-to-action on our website and Product Hunt page

✅ 7. With a pre-launch giveaway promotion in FB communities

✅ 8. With a 100% in-product steps video without a single stock image

✅ 9. With solid resources and a backup of social proof before launch

✅ 10. With a Giveaway Strategy that generates more engagement and value

Thanks to our launch strategy, we were able to stay in the top 5 despite a big fall.

What Tech Business owners and founders can learn from our success:

There are a few key things that Tech Business owners and founders can learn from our success on Product Hunt:

1. The importance of a strong value proposition in order to attract customers.

2. How to grow a business through customer acquisition channels such as Product Hunt.

3. How to create a lead generation strategy that will increase the number of signups for your SaaS.

4. Tips on how to improve your website’s conversion rate in order to maximize the number of visitors that become leads or customers.

5. The benefits of creating and implementing a marketing funnel in order to increase traffic and leads to your business

What is CrawlQ?

CrawlQ is a powerful research tool that can help marketers and content strategists learn more about their audience. CrawlQ’s predictive intelligence helps you learn about your target audience and their buying journey using semantic segmentation and customer journey mapping. Additionally, CrawlQ can also help you identify potential new customers and markets.

Why Use CrawlQ Over Other Research Tools?

There are a number of reasons to use CrawlQ over other research tools when investigating your audience.

First, CrawlQ is designed specifically for this purpose – it is not a general-purpose research and writing tool…its goal is to enable niche marketing, end to end customer journey mapping and helps the entire team of product design engineers, marketing and sales team on the same hook leading to greater conversions and bottom-line revenue.

Second, over the period of the last 8 months, CrawlQ has become very user-friendly and easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with research methods and tools. It’s not a more complex version as it used to be in the early days of launch.

Third, CrawlQ is extremely powerful and can provide a great deal of data and insight into your audience that other tools simply cannot match.

Finally, CrawlQ is very affordable and represents a great value for the price.

In short, you can automate these 6 steps with CrawlQ

🎯 1. Figure out your target market and what needs they have that your product can address.

🎯2. Research what other products and services are already out there that offer similar solutions.

🎯3. Develop a content strategy and start creating valuable content that speaks to the needs of your target market.

🎯4. Identify the channels you want to use to reach your target market and start marketing your product there.

🎯5. Test different pricing models and find one that works best for your product and target market.

🎯6. Keep track of how you’re doing and make changes as needed in order to continue reaching your target market successfully.