This certainly is not just another AI content writer. This is a quality tool that puts you ahead of most of the other AI tools in the market. Because it focuses on a very simple yet powerful strategic approach: your target group.With CrawlQ you act customer centric. You dig deep into the needs, wishes, pain points of your target group. You develop insights that help creat premium, target group specific content. Content that converts.But be aware: if you’re looking for a one-click, quick and easy to utilize AI content writer you might be disappointed. CrawlQ needs some effort – you need to feed the tool with some quality input in order to get quality output. But if you’re willing to start thinking before clicking you will be rewarded. Promise.And the tool is still developing. The team behind CrawlQ is working hard and keeps improving the tool. And they listen.CrawlQ’s approach convinced me right from the beginning. And yes I struggled with the UI at first, like most others did, too. But I new right away that it’s target group focused approach definitely is the way to go. No BS content delivery, but targeted content instead. And the UI already has improved massively.Looking forward to how CrawlQ will become even better throughout time. Certainly one of my best invests so far.