Hi all, I am new to the group.I stacked CrawlQ some weeks ago on appsumo because I was/I am enthusiastic about the idea behind it: to base all strategy upon the target customer/buyer persona. That is exactly the approach I follow with my consulting firm for years. We consult our midsized clients in strategic marketing and sales following a strict customer-centric approach. The app fits exactly with our consulting approach. Thus, stumbling upon CrawlQ was a no-brainer for me. I stacked it instantly.The past weeks I dug into the app, watched every single YouTube video, read hours of introduction material, and spent days with market research, etc.It takes a lot of brain and time to understand the app – and honestly, the UI isn’t easy to understand, sometimes a bit confusing. Yet, I am curious about the results the app produces, but I am also convinced this to be absolutely the right approach for sustainable business success.Hopefully, the app evolves with time, and the UI will be a little more accessible and understandable.Currently, I got stuck with a simple yet important question for my business: Obviously, we target the German-speaking region. That being said, I would expect the input, research, analysis, etc., to be based upon the German language to lead to reasonable results. I understand that currently, only some part of the app can process Geman and that it will evolve. But I don’t really know which parts actually are capable of processing data in the German language (or Dutch, or Spanish …) – and which are only capable of processing English input. Can anyone shine a light on this?Sorry for this extremely wordy post…I love the app’s approach! It is the correct way to go.