“An Excellent Research Tool For Copywriters, Marketers, and Analyst”

Overall: My overall experience has been great! There are some people who are dissatisfied at the direction that Crawlq has gone. I am not. Crawlq started as seo tool. It has now developed into a full fledged market research tool, which is far more valuable and now offers SEO, Copywriting, Social Media, Psychology, and deep market research benefits. They have also tapped into GPT-3 which is technology that is not free. The product is now a superior product in every way and those who complain at a small change of terms had been offered a full refund. What more can you ask of a company? I am very happy with CrawlQ and look forward to what the future holds.

Pros: True marketing should be based off of a deep understanding of the markets psychology. What they want, need, dream of, the language they speak and how they speak it, their fears, and the motivations. Most of the time marketers, copywriters, business owners etc. just throw a bunch of guesses out into the marketplace and hope that something sticks. Doing it like this is expensive, disrespectful to the market, and ineffective. CrawlQ helps to delve into the markets psyche to develop and understand what the market is looking for. A very unique product that has a great future.

Cons: What I like the least is actually what makes the software so effective. It’s the actual time it takes to uncover the stones of the market’s motivations. This process is time consuming and a pain, but once you do it… you’ll have valuable resource at your disposal. A blueprint into how to sell to your market.