“Incredibly powerful AI tool, can change the writing industry.”
Overall: I mainly use CrawlQ for creating engaging marketing articles. Among all the tools, the Market Research option is very well oriented, I can easily get different outputs based on my input. content automation sections provide awesome title suggestions and keyword targeting buyers’ persona. it also includes grammar and spelling correction, which was very effective. Through I need to take much training, as the trial and error method to produce the best output from input data. It takes me around one month to master it.
Pros: Includes many features, but I like most Market research tool, I can generate an in-depth buyer persona with tons of input. CrawlQ prepares the awesome buyer persona based on questions, in fact, I can get entirely different buyer persona output by doing target audience keywords background research. AI content writer option helped me to write long-form of articles. By text summarize option I can easily make a summary from the existing paragraph. i must say it have very promising future, by using these tools i am able to develop engaging articles.
Cons: In general point of view, I did not have any major problem with CrawlQ. Not for a newbie, need to take training to master. For me, it takes around one month to get the expected result. getting the best output needs many practices.
Reasons for Switching to CrawlQ: CrawlQ includes various extra options like heading generator, title generator, offer and call to action, especially market research option.