I’ve only been through the market research phase of the software so far… But I’ve sold +$20k consulting packages for another company that didn’t come close to what I believe this software can deliver.I’m super pumped to use this to its full potential because I recently gained clarity on who my target market is. I think this is potentially the most powerful software in the Appsumo marketplace right now. The reason I say that is twofold. First, it helps you to deeply get to know and understand your target customer’s pain points. Second, It analyses your website and gives you the data needed to know if you’re portrayed as the authority they are looking for.The software guides you step by step through the process of crafting a stellar product-market fit. It will also guide you to input the necessary information to assist the AI in creating content/ a message that will resonate with your customers like their favorite song.I think where it’s really going to shine is positioning whoever uses it as the dominant authority in their chosen space.Five tacos all the way.