How CrawlQ helped FRACTALMAX to increase their Brand Authority in their Niche in less than 6 weeks

Case Study
Case Study: and FRACTALMAX

Meet Laurence

Meet Laurence

Laurence Zimmermann is the Founder and CEO of FractalMax.

She thinks that by repeating a pattern over and over again, any entrepreneur can achieve success and make a great difference in the world.

Three pillars are required to achieve this: Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset.

FractalMax is on a mission to guide over a million entrepreneurs to become successful online and live the life they’ve always wanted. 

No matter where you are exactly in your journey, at FractalMax, they connect you with the most effective programs and resources available on the internet.

She helps you realize your full potential and develop the right mindset.

The Challenge

Producing valuable content on a daily basis can quickly become overwhelming and complicated for entrepreneurs. Her focus was to find a solution to keep consistent with content creation in the long term. Her challenge was to write consistently on her blog to increase brand awareness.

The Solution

She has consistently worked on her content strategy since the 17th, April 2022, using CrawlQ.

With CrawlQ, she can create content that really speaks to her audience. She uses CrawlQ as a guide, and she always adds her own writing to the article. This is her personal choice. 

"By combining CrawlQ with my writing and personality, I have a very effective tool. It has opened a different perspective on using AI, even more powerful. Week after week, I noticed that the AI performance increased. As I am practicing a lot, I know how to work with Athena (the AI) to get the most of it."

She proofreads and edits her work when she finishes a post in CrawlQ. Also, she always uses the plagiarism checker to ensure the text is 100% unique.

"I always say to people who use AI tools to add their personality inside the content. People won't connect well if there is no personality in writing, social media captions, etc."

CrawlQ adds valuable insights to her articles; this is why she uses it daily in her content marketing strategy.

The Features She Loves The Most

Audience Research

CrawlQ allows her to do in-depth market research and work in different workspaces depending on the content she wants to create. 

"Audience research sets CrawlQ apart from other AI content generation tools I know. It's different."

Captivating caption

The Captivating caption helps her find new ideas for future blog posts.

"I like this feature because it inspires me for my future blog posts, and most than everything, the headlines captivate my audience's attention."

Content coach

The content coach feature helps her structure the blog posts and develop more content on the chosen subject.

"There are a lot of possibilities in CrawlQ when it comes to creating content. All depend on your goals and what you want to achieve with your content marketing strategy."

The Results

5x the Ahrefs Domain Ratings in 6 weeks

Her first significant result was a jump in her Domaine Rating from DR03 to DR16 in a short period.

"In less than 6 weeks, I have been writing 42 articles, some on FractalMax Blog and others on blogging platforms. My articles have been featured multiple times by a Publication."

You can see in the screenshot below that she has not a huge number of backlinks, and all of them are organic backlinks.

9 Articles 522 shares per day

Positive social signals will help her brand improve search engine ranking in the long run. A catchy headline created with the CrawlQ Captivating Caption can result in an increased share of her posts on various social media.

"When you run a promotion, there are 3 things that will make the article you promote a success: The thumbnail, the headline, and the content."

She started paid promotion of some of her blog posts the 06th, June 2022. The result could lead to increased brand awareness, more leads, and sales in the coming months. 

"One of my posts, How to Monetize Your Blog Effectively With Affiliate Marketing, reached 165 shares in less 24 hours (Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn). 9 articles promoted got 2091 shares total in 4 days."

How to Monetize Your Blog Effectively

Promotion 1


The Complete Guide To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business
Now got 217 shares and 11 clicks in 3 days

Promotion 2


How To Monetize Your Blog Effectively With Affiliate Marketing
Got 286 shares and 27 clicks in 4 days.

Promotion 3


7 Ways To Generate
A Buzz Around Your Brand

Got 186 shares and 10 clicks in 2 days.

FractalMax Blog Promotion and shares

"I love working with CrawlQ because it has been game-changing in how I approach content creation. Also, the market research adds value to my articles, and Athena improves constantly. I want to give a special mention to CrawlQ customer support. Thanks to Harish, the founder of CrawlQ for being very reactive last time I had a problem. It has been solved immediately."