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Frequently Asked Questions

Show your love for CrawlQ? Pay for 12 months of CrawlQ upfront. You get a 20% discount on access to an annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are available for upgrade in the app.

  1. You can navigate to your Profile page in the app and click upgrade plan.
  2. You will be redirected to the Stripe payments app where you can select a plan.
  3. Complete the payment and you are done!

We do not prorate refunds on annual plans. Please be sure you are ready to upgrade to annual when you click confirm.

You can cancel your subscription anytime inside the app. Go to ​​the Profile section in the app ( and click on the “Upgrade” button. You will be redirected to Stripe payments, where you will see a cancel button.

Cancellations will be automatically set for the end of your billing cycle. This ensures that you can still use the app for the month you have already paid for. All remaining credits will be deleted when your subscription is canceled.

If you cancel within your trial period, your subscription will be immediately canceled, and all your credits will be deleted immediately as well.

Refunds are not automatic as accounts are set to cancel at the end of your billing cycle. Please ensure that your account has been set to cancel so we can process your refund.

Please see additional information on our refund policy.

To remove a cancellation, go ahead and email us at We will need to manually remove this pending cancellation for you.

Right now, we have not built the functionality of removing your account. You can cancel and resubscribe to your account at a later date. In case there are questions, we recommend reaching out to support to see what options are available for you.

Please note, that right now downgrades take effect immediately. Meaning, if you go from a higher plan to a lower plan you will lose access to that plan’s features after you press confirm. Although, the extra money will automatically be handled on future payments.

  1. You can navigate to your Profile page in the app and click upgrade plan.
  2. You will be redirected to the Stripe payments app where you can select the plan.

Downgrades are not set to start at the end of your current billing cycle so if you press confirm you will be immediately downgraded. If you would like to downgrade at the end of your billing cycle, go ahead and mark the day on your calendar so you can do so accordingly.

If you have downgraded and want to upgrade again– you can do so in the app. The credit from your downgrade will pay for the upgrade so you will not be charged again. Go ahead and disregard that amount you see being quoted to you to upgrade again. If you are charged mistakingly, please reach out to

You can monitor all your credits and usage inside your Usage and Billing section in the app.
There are two types of credits that you’ll need to be aware of.

1. Monthly Plan Credits

  • These are the monthly recurring AI credits that are included with your monthly subscription.
  • Each subscription plan is given a monthly credit amount that automatically resets at the start of each billing cycle, regardless of usage.
  • Please note that these do not roll over to the next month (So better use them up!)
  • For example, if you sign up for the $19.95/mo entry plan, you will be given 5000 AI credits which are equivalent to 20000 words. The credits are recurring with the limits and thus each month you have the limits.

2. Additional Purchased Credits

  • These credits are either purchased by you or awarded by us for additional usage in addition to your monthly limit.
  • Additional purchased credits are not reset and these are rolled over as the balance.
  • These will be used when you exceed the monthly limits in a month
  • In the next month if you have rolled over extra credits then they will be consumed first before the newly allocated monthly credits.
  • You can purchase multiple of 5k additional credits from within the app any time to use on top of your monthly limit.
  • We run promotional offers to earn bonus credits from time to time.
  • We do not automatically upgrade your account on overages of the credit. Rather you can do in-app purchases to meet the new requirements for that month. You pay as you go.

An admin can add team members as per his subscription limits. Only the admin can add team members. Admin can access any team member’s account.

Adding team members

  • Go to “Add Team Members” from the Top Bar dropdown.
  • Enter a team member’s email address and name
  • A temporary password will be sent to the team member’s email address
  • The team member can now log in using that email address and temporary password.
  • The team member will not be able to see the other member’s workspace.

Important note: If you run into an issue, make sure that your browser does not have any pop-up blockers that will inhibit you from being able to sign up. Go ahead and turn those off, temporarily.

Deleting team members

Right now we do not allow the option to delete a team member. Please contact if you want to delete a team member. We will need to manually do this for you. We will review your case and decide accordingly.

Change Member Roles

If you would like to change the admin on the account or move someone down to a member, please reach out to support. We will need to manually do this for you.

Change your password in-app

  1. Navigate to your profile settings by clicking on the profile icon on the top right dropdown.
  2. Click on the Change Password button.
  3. In the new screen, enter your username for which you want to change your password
  4. Click Confirm. We will send a code to this email address.
  5. In the new screen, enter the code you received in your email and your new password.
  6. If you cannot get to this screen and have forgotten your password, reach out to us at and ask for a manual password reset. We can create a temporary password for you.

If you would like to change the admin on the account to your new email, please reach out to We will manually need to do this for you.

Please note that right now, upgrades take effect immediately when you press confirm changes in-app. Upgrades are not set to start at the end of your current billing cycle.

When you go from a lower plan to a higher plan, you will immediately access the higher plan’s features.

If you would like to upgrade at the end of your billing cycle, go ahead and mark the day on your calendar so you can do so accordingly. To upgrade your plan-

  • You can navigate to your Profile page in the app and click “Upgrade.”
  • You will be redirected to the Stripe payments app, where you can select the plan as per your business needs.

Check out our plans here.

Right now, there are mainly three plans to choose from:

  1. CrawlQ Entry
  2. CrawlQ Basic
  3. CrawlQ Advance

All the plans are available for monthly as well as yearly subscriptions.

We also offer higher plans. If you want to opt for a higher plan, please book a call with us from this link

We do not have contracts. You can cancel anytime inside the app. You can always downgrade or upgrade your account inside your app as well.

All plans will give you access to projects, adding and managing team members, using templates, email support, and access to our Facebook community! You can generate content in different languages in any plan you choose.

The Solo plan starts at $79 gives you access to all features including market research and content creation. This is a better plan if you want to create quick blog content. The main challenge is you have a hard cap on credit limits per month. The main difference with this plan is you have a credit limit for the month.

So if you sign up for a free trial you are automatically subscribed to the Solo plan for $79 you will get 25000 credits as “plan credits” to use for that month. Once your plan credits are all used up, you can buy another 5000 credits for $19. Purchased credits can be rolled over.

The Startup starts at $149/month. This is our most popular plan for Founders looking for Product Market Fit, Niche Discovery, and Strategy Consultants. It includes self-serviced Components and in-app trainings. This plan also suits individual freelancers and growth consultants, including business owners who work with a typical one specific niche. The Startup includes everything on the Solo plus even more. This plan is for you if you have to scale your content research, planning and content creation faster to attract more organic traffic and conversion within 30 days.

You will be credited back what you did not use on your higher plan. This credit will live inside our payment processor and then be applied to your next bill so you will be paying less for your next monthly subscription.

Currently, Download invoices are not enabled and will be added soon in the app. However, you will get an invoice in your email the moment a charge happens through our payment processor. You can always search for the invoice in your email. If you need a past invoice to be edited, please let us know and be patient. We will have to manually create a new one for you. You can email us this request at

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Metrics Immersion
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Grounding Story
Search Intent Discovery
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Headline Intros
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Advanced Power Profitable Words Title Scripts
12-Step Outbound Authority Autoresponder Email Series
3-Part Cold to Hot Lead Magnet Conversion Autoresponder Script
5-Day Content Authority Drip Campaign
5-Day Power-Coach Capsure Drip
5-Part After-Sale Autoresponder
6-Part Content Authority Lead Nurture Series
9-Step Customer Power-Onboarding Series
Power Converting Event Invite Email
Software Plan Upgrade One-Time Offer
Fast & Effortless Upsell script
Coaching-Training-White Paper-Teaching Script
Traffic Sucker B2B Opt-in Landing Page Script
Lead-Magnet Focused Opt-in Script
Social Proof Focused Opt-in Page Script
Course Promotion SSL Script
Interview Script for Case Study
Standard Review Testimonial Script
B2B SaaS In-detail Testimonial Script
Step Sales Letter Formula
Direct Mail Sales Letter
Sales Letter with Bonus Formula
20 Pretty Darn Good Outline Formula
The 12-Step Fool Proof Sales Letter
Benefit Expansion The 7 Step Copywriting Formula
Formula for High-Converting Landing Page
The QUEST Copywriting Formula
Advanced Lead Capture Funnel Video Script
Short Lead Capture Funnel Video Script
Mass Desire-Product Connection Sales Funnel Script
Hero Video Sales Letter (HVSL) Formula
Authority Webinar Hosting Script
Short Version -Authority Webinar Hosting Script
How to Write a List Blog Post
How-to write an Infographic Blog Post
How-To Blog Post Template
How to Write a Pillar Blog Post
Facebook or Linkedin Short Post Template
YouTube Video Description
SaaS and Startup Proven Email Outreach Templates that generate Conversions
How to make a quick buyer persona template for your marketing team?
How to use Market Research to answer 320 Investor Questions?
How to use Market Research to create Business FAQs?
How to use Market Research to create different Ad Angles?
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