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The Ultimate People-First Experience for Content Marketers and Content Producers

Attention: Marketers interested in getting more sales based on AI tools.

Did you know that the Google algorithm has been changed more than 50 times in the past seven years?

You are struggling to create people-first content for your brand. You know that Google’s algorithm is changing, and you don’t want to waste money on cheap AI content creation or hire expensive copywriters and SEOs.

  • Since the release of Google’s updated policy on AI in Search, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion. The latest update focuses on how the search engines judge content quality, which means that you need to focus more on your audience personas than ever before.
  • First, you can create as many personas as you want to determine your ideal customer. Then, you can use these personas to define the goals of all the content pieces that go into your marketing funnel.
  • The frustrating thing about rewriting copy is that you never know if it will resonate with your audience. You can try a focus group, but you might find there are too many opinions to fit in a room and not enough time for everyone to have their say.

But that’s not the end of it—the problem’s worse than that!

  • The bad news is that the Google algorithm has been changed more than 50 times in the past seven years. So, no matter how hard you try to create quality content and attract visitors, it won’t guarantee your website ranks on page #1 of google. The way to solve this problem is by using AI tools like CrawlQ Content Research to update your existing content with fresh, high-quality insights from your target audience and write new posts automatically based on those insights.
  • Many marketers think that they’ll be fine as long as they can write content. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. One of the reasons we’re seeing such a high failure rate in content marketing today is that most marketers don’t have the strategy to create great content. They simply don’t know what to say or how to say it in ways that resonate with their potential customers … and it shows!

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Perhaps worst of all, what if you are writing the same content over and over again?

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution to create an effective people-first content strategy that will focus on the audience persona and not on writing cheezy machine-generated SEO copy.

Introducing CrawlQ, People First AI that helps you:

  • We’ve created a cloud-based AI solution that marketers can use to create people-first content. Our solution is very effective and saves marketers time and money as they don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time they create content. 
  • CrawlQ is a people-first AI solution that can create content that is optimized for SEO and generate high quality, unique content on autopilot.
  • The AI does not require anyone to write any content. It uses advanced algorithms to understand your audience, the best words for each topic and the most relevant compelling arguments.

“Hi, my name is Alex. I am a 36-year-old marketer struggling with content strategy for the past five years. I’ve been looking for an AI-powered solution to create people-first content. I want to get rid of all AI content writers and generate quality content focusing on Google’s new update on people-first content using audience persona.”

By now, you’re probably wondering…who I am, and how I can make these claims.

  • Like you, I’m a business owner—I own several other tools, including CrawlQ.
  • CrawlQ is a set of AI tools that helps marketers like me create engaging content by understanding their customers’ behavior, pain points and desires.

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How do I know you’ll get phenomenal results with CrawlQ?

Take a look at these testimonials from people just like you who Updated their content by over 300% and got great organic growth!

To get more insight on your audience, you need to have a detailed persona. CrawlQ can help you do that…

CrawlQ is the most comprehensive People First AI on the market, the long-awaited solution to getting the most out of your content marketing campaign.

CrawlQ has been built by marketers for marketers, using complex algorithms and copywriting frameworks that are used by Dan Kennedy, Eugue Schwarts, and David Ogilvy, including cutting-edge data science that can create the perfect marketing message for your brand.

With CrawlQ, you’ll get:

  • CrawlQ will help you create content that ranks higher in organic search results and gain better click-through rates.
  • CrawlQ AI tools help you create people-first content for better visibility and conversions.

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Please read our User Guidance below.

Official User Guide on Google’s new helpful content update

7-point strategy to handle the new Google update on helpful content

You can use CrawlQ to update your brand’s content without hiring writers, saving time and money.

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Access to a 24/7 Marketing AI platform like CrawlQ Now!

If you want:

  • A professional writer to help you create compelling and engaging content!
  • CrawlQ is software that combines the power of AI and a professional writer. It can create people-first content for you in seconds, saving you hours and hours.
  • Use a marketing AI tool like CrawlQ to update your content with new research and insights on audience personas.

We’re a team of professional marketers who have been in the industry for over 20 years. CrawlQ is our premium AI-powered content marketing solution, helping us to create high-quality and engaging content that delivers top conversions..

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